One of the highlights of the coming month of August is the launch of the ETHP token sale ICO by Ethereum Plus. As per recent announcements by the Ethereum Plus, a decentralized platform for the applications, the ICO of its ETHP token sale is to begin from August 15, 2017. The ICO will last for a month and end by September 15, 2017.

Why Ethereum Blockchains?

Ethereum Blockchains helps develop the most popular and effective DApps (Software Applications) for developing apps having a decentralized backend. Leveraging upon the potential of this innovation, Ethereum Plus brings ETHP that uses the sophisticated and effective Ethereum blockchain methodology for easy regulations and transactions.

In addition, the ETHPs can easily and safely be exchanged or converted with FIAT and other cryptocurrencies in a fully transparent manner.  Being completely decentralized, ETHP doesn’t have any organization defining a coin cap, tracking how one produces them or where one invests them. It is purely users’ private business, without confiscations and restraints.

About the ETHP Token Sale ICO

The ICO is to present ten million ETHP tokens, at the initial rate of 1 ETHP token per 5 USD. ETHP is the abbreviation of Empowering Technology and People. The company’s fund raising target is USD 50 million, which will be used for the development and launch of the platform.

Benefits for Early Investors

Though Ethereum Plus will be offering unique features and exclusive benefits for all the token holders as per the ICO terms, yet the early investors i.e. those belonging to the first four weeks of the ICO, will be rewarded with a special bonus as per the following levels:

  • Day 1: 20% Bonus
  • Day 2-7: 15% Bonus
  • Week 2: 10% Bonus
  • Week 3: 5% Bonus

About Ethereum Plus Contracts

Though the smart contracts idea has greatly influenced geek community, layman people are still unable to be a part of this game. Ethereum Plus aims to capture those untapped people to be included in existing smart contracts. ETHP enables people to develop their own smart contract with a few clicks and edits. The core feature that ETHP focuses is “plug & play” smart contracts. The pre-existing templates are developed for the end-user having no coding knowledge so that they can create and use smart contracts easily.

ETHP Contracts clearly provide end-users higher flexibility and can easily be deployed on local systems, helping users pay attention to digitized marketing and transactions.

To explore more about Ethereum Plus’s vision of Globalizing Digitized Contracts, please visit

For further details of its upcoming ICO, you can check

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