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eToro Raises $100m in Funding to Enter new Markets Soon


All companies In the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency are of great interest right now. eToro is raising another $100m to further expand its blockchain-backed technology development. A major development for this company as we speak, and one of this quite positive for the industry as a whole.

The news is quite positive for eToro. This company has made a name for itself in the world of blockchain technology over the past few years. They also added NEO to their platform not that long ago. To top it all off,  the company is now working with Coindash to create new cryptocurrency products. The future is looking bright for eToro as a while, which can only be considered to be a positive development.

eToro is on a hot Streak

Furthermore, the company now raised $100m in Series E Funding. This is mainly possible thanks to SBI Group, Korea Investment Partners, and other entities. All of these backers see a lot of merit in what eToro brings to the table. It is not the first time the company has raised investment capital either. Their previous round of funding comes in the form of $62m. This is quite significant for this particular company as of right now.  

eToro CEO Yoni Assia comments as follows:

“This round of investment will be critical in helping us to further develop our technology infrastructure to support the rapid growth that we’ve recently experienced. It will also help us to enter new markets, enabling us to bring our social approach to investing to more people around the world, and providing more people with safe and secure access to the markets”.

It is evident cryptocurrency and blockchain attract a lot of attention. For eToro, this new round of funding will help them expand on a global scale. Entering new markets is always an exciting venture, but a risky one as well. The company will remain focused on blockchain research and the development of digital assets. An interesting future lies ahead for eToro, that much is rather evident.

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