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European Law Enforcement Agencies Look To Hire Bitcoin Investigators


Bitcoin is the center point of focus for law enforcement agencies all of a sudden. In fact, the Swedish law enforcement is looking for a Bitcoin investigator, as they want to crack down on illicit cryptocurrency-related activity around the globe. An exciting development, and it goes to show Bitcoin knowledge is precious at this point.

What Defines A Bitcoin “Investigator”?

The primary question that arises is how one should classify a person as a Bitcoin investigator. The native blockchain technology used makes it easy to track Bitcoin payments in real time, even though these transactions do not include personal information. However, one cannot be an investigator without even knowing now Bitcoin works in the first place.

It is rather intriguing to see this public job offering by the Swedish law enforcement. Even though they have been keeping tabs on Bitcoin activity – mostly related to the darknet – for quite some time, it appears more expertise is needed. This could also be a sign darknet activity within Sweden is increasing, though.

Not too long ago, law enforcement agencies around the world conducted a joint operation called Operation Hyperion. During this investigation, several darknet marketplaces were shut down, and thousands of users were identified. A few Swedish residents could very well be on this list, as we touched upon in an earlier article.

Following the digital breadcrumbs left behind by Bitcoin transactions is just one step of uncovering criminal activity, though. It is then a matter of linking particular wallet addresses through a person. Since everyone converting Bitcoin to fiat will have to go through some exchange service at some point, collaborating with exchange platforms is a good idea.

It appears Sweden is not the only country where Bitcoin expertise is in high demand by law enforcement. A similar job opportunity was posted on the site of the Swiss law enforcement agency not too long ago. Bitcoin is playing a big role in ongoing law enforcement investigations, even though that does not mean cryptocurrency is only used by criminals.

In the end, it’s nice to see governments and law enforcement agencies paying attention to Bitcoin in a somewhat positive manner. Job opportunities are plentiful in the cryptocurrency world, even though not everyone might prefer a government job. An exciting future awaits Bitcoin users all over the world; that much is certain.

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