Real estate is one of the biggest investment asset classes, and blockchain is one of the most disruptive technologies today. So, what will happen when this robust asset class is disrupted by the most revolutionary technology of the century? The answer lies in Evareium.

Through its vision and blockchain, Evareium is digitalizing real estate investment making it directly accessible, more transparent, robust, and secure. This piece is dedicated to this interesting prospect and the exploration of Evareium, its ongoing ICO campaign, and the reasons why any potential collaborator might consider participation.

Evareium brings a blockchain-powered revolution for real estate

Evareium is a digital investment initiative that uses the blockchain to reimagine the scope and serviceability of real estate. This platform is a distributed application that will remove intermediaries from the real estate investment supply chain, with an ecosystem that will be engineered to make commercial-property investment faster than before. In addition, the network participants making these trades will benefit from having a direct relationship with the maximization of proceeds from ventures undertaken by Evareium, efficient costs, greater transparency, and reduced paperwork.

This groundbreaking platform is developed and managed by Evarei Management LLC, (aka Evarei). Located in the UAE, Evarei is an advisory and management company involving persons with an excellent record of developing and managing real estate private equity funds and trusts. By putting the streamlining genius of blockchain at its core, this ecosystem is shaking up the future of real estate investment.

Overall, Evareium is creating a direct interface between Evareium token holders as investors and the financial gains and other proceeds from such, which are spread optimally among network participants in accordance with the volume of tokens held. In order to monetize the dealings on this network, Evarei has created well-structured tokens to be used for real estate’s services and core components.

So, here is a brief rundown of what Evareium’s tokenized economy is all about.

Evareium’s tokenized economy is changing the real estate investment and operational game

Evareium’s token economy is designed to create completely disintermediated collaboration structures. This tokenized economy is built for the management of a number of platform-specific incentives. Apart from organizing commercial-property investment and divestment, the platform’s participants are envisaged to be able to use tokens to disrupt realty customer services including smart leasing, online-travel agencies, and peer-to-peer homestay functions.

The functionality of a specific piece of technology is often pushed to the next level when it is used in tandem with another technology. Something similar has been imagined and achieved by the team developing this ecosystem. In this age of IoT, the Evareium token will also plan to collaborate with IoT–enabled hotel management solutions; these solutions include controlling air conditioners, operating lighting and sun-prevention systems of a hotel room, creating smart keys, managing spas, doing check-ins, and managing restaurants. Whilst some of these technologies are not new, they become activated in an entirely different manner with the introduction of tokens and the platform which harbors and disseminates them into the fabric of the technology system.

Evareium’s two tokens—its double-edged sword

The tokens for Evareium are digital assets and are known by the ticker symbol of EVM. These tokens, or assets, are built on an Ethereum-based software program that is also called a smart contract. According to the current offer, Evareium will issue EVM tokens and even credits toward its planned token (EVT).

Here is a brief on these two native crypto tokens.


EVM, or the Evareium investment token, plans to give a wholly tangible business model that is backed by real estate investment assets. These tokens are designed to be related to only high-yield real estate as well as for use in executing strategies related to operational improvements, business refocus, energy savings, building remediation, and blockchain management.

The ultimate goal of issuing EVMs is to develop a big-ticket portfolio of Smart Buildings following well-controlled private equity principles. Later on, the buyers of EVMs will be expected to reap multiple benefits from an asset’s economic interests. These investors may also gain rental yields from other property types.


In addition to buying EVM tokens, the investors can join the follow-on issuance of Evareium utility tokens that are known as EVTs. As a utility token, EVTs are intended to provide credit to subscribers; the sale of these tokens through a separate ICO is intended to follow in due course once the EVM ICO is finished. The benefits for an EVT token holder will correlate with the use cases of the EVT token which can be adopted into the Evareium asset portfolio and network.

With EVTs and the ecosystem’s blockchain capabilities, the token holder can unlock high-level transactional functionalities within the platform. That way, the investors of this token can easily use it to acquire the true value from network-related ancillary transactions and rents.

Evareium’s ICO campaign is live at the present time, and investors can join the sale during April, 2018, with further fundraising planned thereafter. With this crowd sale, investors will be able to buy EVM tokens and have the opportunity to be part of the intended moneymaking real estate investment portfolio that the project aims to create in the future. To see complete list of the best ICOs, check out this ICO list.

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