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Extra Credit, Cryptocurrency Education Platform Launches Crowdsale


Extra Credit has announced the launch of its XTRA token sale, starting January 1, 2018, as the platform strives to educate people about cryptocurrencies and drive its adoption while helping them grow with the ecosystem.

Cryptocurrencies and their underlying blockchain technology can easily be labelled as the most disruptive technology of this decade. While it is making waves in the technology sphere, many people are still unaware of many things about them, as their exposure to the crypto-world has so far been only through the mainstream media outlets. However, on many occasions, the information presented by these outlets aren’t always accurate, which causes more damage than good.

Extra Credit recognizes the need to educate the masses about Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, and their underlying blockchain technology. At present, there is no single ecosystem that is designed exclusively for such purpose. Most of the online course platform offer one or two courses on cryptocurrencies and sometimes include complex jargon, mathematical equations, and even code snippets. These courses, not only adds to the confusion but makes it more complicated for the users. But with a dedicated course delivery platform specializing in cryptocurrencies, things will be different and Extra Credit is doing just that in association with BitcoinHomework, a leading cryptocurrency learning platform.

Extra Credit is an initiative of a 9-member team, whose main goal is to make cryptocurrency education easily accessible to everyone, irrespective of their prior exposure to the digital currencies. By joining forces with BitcoinHomework, the team aims to offer comprehensive courses on the technology and the sector starting from what are cryptocurrencies, how to use cryptocurrencies and more.

Extra Credit is currently in the process of raising the necessary funds through the ongoing crowdsale. The funds raised from the token sales will be utilized to set up an educational store with BitcoinHomework gear and other tools to encourage learning among the students. Apart from adding new courses, Extra Credit will also incentivize newcomers to learn about cryptocurrencies. The token sale is Extra Credit’s first step towards fulfilling its vision to empower everyone with the knowledge required to invest and manage their cryptocurrencies with ease.

The Extra Credit Pre-sale went live on January 1, 2018 and will continue for a period of one month, before coming to an end on February 1, 2018. Following the completion of Pre-sale, the public token sale of Extra Credit tokens will be held later in Q1, 2018. Those interested to take part in the crowdsale can do so by visiting https://extracredit.io/

More information about BitcoinHomework is available at – https://bitcoinhomework.com/

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