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Fiat Car Company Plans to Reward Economical Drivers with Digital Assets


Stellantis – the parent company of the Fiat car brand – is issuing a digital token to drivers of its new 500-vehicle series. Known as Kiri Coin, the asset can be traded for rewards on several different websites and platforms including Apple, Netflix, Spotify and Amazon.

Fiat and Crypto: A Perfect Match?

The 500 series is designed to be a more economical and environmentally friendly car. Those who drive them will get access to Kiri Coin, which already has a solid reputation in about 13 separate European countries where it’s used as an actual currency. In addition, users will also have their driving styles regularly analyzed. Should it be decided that their energy usage is more efficient, they will be given extra rewards down the line.

Overall, Fiat says that drivers who try to be as economical as possible are likely to receive as much as $179 each year in Kiri Coin rewards. Stellantis e-mobility program manager Gabriele Catacchio stated in a recent interview:

We want to support our customers’ environmentally friendly behaviors and reward them with exclusive benefits. Simply by driving the New 500, connected and equipped with the new infotainment system, Kiri Coins can be collected in a ‘virtual’ wallet shown in the Fiat app. Driving data, such as distance and speed, is uploaded to the Kiri cloud and automatically converted into Kiri Coins, using an algorithm devised by Kiri. The result is downloaded directly to the user’s smartphone and the Kiri Coins can then be used to purchase products and services in the Kiri marketplace.

The one downside to the reward system is that it is not offered everywhere. Presently, Fiat drivers in North America are not eligible to take part in the program. Only those based in an EU country can enjoy the benefits the tokens provide. In addition, one must also first purchase a new 500 vehicle, and these don’t exactly run cheap.

Still, Fiat and its parent company believe that this is a good way to begin moving the country towards a more environmentally friendly future. In addition, this could potentially be a good way to start off putting some of the carbon emissions allegedly caused by bitcoin mining and the extraction of new digital coins – something that has been taking a lot of guff as of late.

Pushing for a Stronger Atmosphere

Cristiano Fiorio – head of marketing communications at Stellantis – explained:

Talent Garden is a melting pot of new ideas, the real of high-tech and digital professionals. This is where the e-mobility journey through innovation began and where we discovered Kiri Technologies that grasped our attention with a simple, innovative idea: to reward the behaviors of people who respect the environment. Combining this idea with the features of the New 500, our flagship of technological innovation and electric mobility, came naturally to us.

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