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[Finance Subway Column] More Bitcoin ETF Will Be Passed


Today Bitcoin price reached out the 48K. Many people wonder to know more Bitcoin ETFs will trade or not.  It will pass because the Bitcoin holders alter from 2017 to 2021. And Mainstream corporations and countries join in the Digital asset business. So it will deal more in this year or the Initial of next year.

In 2017, many individual holders bought the bitcoin, but private bankers neglected it. One of the opposing men, JP Morgan Chase CEO, is hostile to Bitcoin. But his corporation sells the Bitcoin Passive fund to their clients in private banks (* which reported Coindesk US)

The system of purchasing bitcoin expands the CEX.io to Paypal.

Before Bitcoin futures traded on CME in 2017, Bitcoin showed a significant drop and rerolled the negative news about Bitcoin. Last week, we saw a dramatic decline, and everyone told ‘the Bitcoin will go 32-38K ‘and even more, I heard ‘Bitcoin price will be gone 24K’. Some people said that 2021 of the Bitcoin season is ended by Hongda Group. However, the bitcoin price was not below 38K; the bitcoin went up to 43K and rallied to 47K.

‘If this trend continues, the Bitcoin price will rise gradually up. ‘

If the exchange and private bankers’ equity of the bitcoin were fallen, it would be down. Right now, it is not. However, the music stopped anytime. You have to withdraw your profit every time.

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