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Finding the Perfect Platform for Your Crypto Transactions Has Been Made Easy by Cryptowisser


The crypto space has evolved from the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin to hundreds of altcoins. Besides the number of coins increasing, so did the number of exchanges facilitating these transactions. With all these choices and alternatives, it’s not only hard but challenging to find the perfect exchange that fits your needs and desires to carry out your transactions.

Apart from the presence of a large number of exchanges, there are plenty of reviews, guides together with opinions from other crypto traders, all pointing at one platform or the other as the best exchange. However, in midst of all the confusion, Cryptowisser is here to make it easier for one to choose the right platform that meets all the exact needs.

The site separates the wheat from the chaff by giving traders hundreds of options based on clear cut criteria according to their needs. Through Cryptowisser, traders avoid being bombarded with information that is not useful for decision making and helps them avoid relying on opinions together with online reviews. At Cryptowisser, answering six questions in their tool they call the Exchange Finder lands you the perfect answers. Your answers act as a filter and remove exchanges that don’t fit your demands.

Cryptowisser Questions

The first question’s aim is to learn more about the trader’s needs when it comes to crypto deposits while the second is to know if you want credit card deposits. However, on the third question, Cryptowisser only wants to know if you are based in the US (as many exchanges prohibit US-investors). On the fourth question, traders select their answers on fees, the percentage they are comfortable being charged for their transactions.  Cryptowisser has pegged trader’s answers on fees from 0.00% to 2%. Fees charged are a deal breaker for many traders, and higher fees lead to fewer customers. On the last two questions, Cryptowisser dives deeper into what the trader needs when it comes to where they would love their exchange to be based in, and the last question is all about the digital coins you want to deal with.

If you don’t want to use the Exchange Finder, you could instead just review and compare all the exchanges by yourself in Cryptowisser’s Cryptocurrency Exchange List.

The above filters through all crypto exchanges available and generate results containing hundreds of crypto exchanges suitable for the trader’s needs. Being specific in your filter options helps narrow answers to the best exchanges available. Although reviews, traders’ opinions together with other info available online might help, some of the information out there might not be right. Cryptowisser narrows it down, gives users details on security score, previous users’ score, the number of coins supported among any other essential information and all is free of charge. Comparing results from Cryptowisser together with other details is beneficial to traders.

Finally, it can be worth noting that Cryptowisser also has extensive lists of cryptocurrency merchants, cryptocurrency wallets and cryptocurrency debit cards.

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