The good news just keeps rolling in for Ripple these days. BABB, a promising fintech startup, appoints a Ripple advisor to their team. BABB is looking to launch the world’s first blockchain-based bank account. Dr. Anish Mohammed, one of the multiple Rippe advisors, will aid the team is ensuring this project can become a  reality. This is a major development for both the startup and Ripple.

Ripple Advisor Joins BABB

It has been quite an exciting year for the world of blockchain technology, to say the least. The majority of use cases for this technology has yet to be discovered as we speak. A UK-based fintech startup by the name of BABB feels this technology can revitalize the bank account system. More specifically, the project wants to bring the future of banking to the world. In doing so, BABB aims to empower the people regardless of their income.

By letting everyone become their own bank, the startup is doing what Bitcoin has been doing for many years now. However, the fintech startup’s onboarding process may be less complicated compared to Bitcoin’s. Users can download the application and verify their identity through a selfie and voice print. It also appears BABB will provide a marketplace service of sorts and various other peer-to-peer services. Decentralization is an important aspect of this startup, that much is evident.

To make this all become a reality, the company has appointed Dr. Anish Mohammed as one of their advisors. Some people will know this name, as he is also an advisor to Ripple Labs. Mohammed has experience with smart contracts for AI, scalability, security, and consensus systems. He will be a great addition to the BABB team moving forward. It remains to be seen if the startup will also integrate Ripple technology into their products, though.

It is evident things are falling into place for Ripple as of late. Dozens of banks are experimenting with its native technology. Moreover, their advisors are in high demand by other startups and projects. Ripple is still in a good position to become the power that drives the future of banking. BABB Is certainly a project to keep an eye on moving forward. Their app should launch at an undetermined date later this year.

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