Allowing cryptocurrency ecosystems to evolve requires community participation. In this day and age, dApps are often considered the go-to solution. For OmiseGO, its first dApp is currently live on the Plasma testnet. This also demonstrates the power of OmiseGO’s native layer-two scaling solution.

A Major Step Forward for OmiseGO

Numerous cryptocurrency ecosystems are competing for traction. Ethereum, TRON, NEO, and EOS all have their own distributed applications or dApps. That list can now be expanded upon with the addition of OmiseGO. Its first blockchain-based decentralized application goes by the name of Plasma Dog. This approach serves two very specific purposes.

First of all, it brings positive attention to OmiseGO’s approach. The game will undoubtedly get some attention from enthusiasts. Gamification is an important step toward taking dApps into the mainstream. Secondly, Plasma Dog showcases a critical scaling layer. OmiseGO’s Plasma MVP is being developed on the Ethereum network.

Although this game will not get the world excited about OmiseGO, it marks an important milestone. Under the hood, it allows for true ownership of in-game assets. This would, in theory, allow users to buy and sell in-game items through decentralized marketplaces. A new gaming economy will be born, as the game relies on the UTXO token standard.

Disrupting Video Games With Blockchain

A very peculiar movement is taking shape in the video gaming industry. A lot of consumers voice opposition over the current direction game publishers are taking. Strict and non-transparent management of in-game assets such as cosmetics has been a point of debate. The introduction of microtransactions and lootboxes is not helping matters much either.

What OmiseGO is doing can be crucial for the gaming industry. The $100bn industry needs to keep innovating. Offering more transparency can also do a lot of good in the long run. Whether that will be done through blockchain or other solutions, remains to be determined.

Gaining traction with this new dApp will be a key challenge. Although games are approachable, they usually tend to lose public interest after a few weeks. Plasma Dog is still in the early stages of development. That said, it will need to keep adding new feature and content to keep players engaged. That will, in turn, spark meaningful debates regarding OmiseGO and its technology.

Do you agree that gamification is the way take dApps mainstream? Is OmiseGO’s Plasma Dog a good first step in that direction? Let us know in the comments below.

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