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Fish out Gems with the Water Wheel and Win Rewards on Dragon’s Tale


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The science of engineering goes way back in time. Some of the first engineering marvels started to appear in the ancient civilizations. As the knowledge possessed by people increased, it also led to major advancements in science and technology, including engineering.

Water wheels are one of the ancient engineering marvels. These devices, even though simple in its operation had a profound impact on the overall development of the civilization, especially in agriculture and farming.  The early water wheels are said to have appeared in China by around 1st century AD where they used it for crushing grains and other mechanical purposes.

These water wheels can also be found on the fictional Chinese island in the Dragon’s Tale — the one of a kind Bitcoin gambling platform built around an online role-playing game. The Water Wheel in Dragon’s Tale does something more than any of the water wheels till date. It is used to fish out precious gems from below the water surface.

A player on Dragon’s Tale can involve himself in the process of fishing out gems and win great rewards, based on his finds. The Water Wheel has a variety of gems on it. If the user manages to find 6 or more gems of the same kind using the water wheel, he is in for a reward. Also, based on different combinations of gems found, the rewards will also vary.

If the player is really lucky, one of the gems will find itself falling from the water wheel and onto the porch. If this happens, then the player gets an opportunity to double his winnings. Especially, if the water wheel happens to hold a winning combination when it happens.

Operating the Water Wheel game doesn’t require engineering skills, which makes it easy for anyone on the game to get lucky and make some quick bucks.

Well, that’s it, folks! if you want to try your luck, better start playing Dragon’s Tale soon…!


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