One of the big things that many industry experts claim will bring bitcoin into mainstream territory is its usage as a valid payment method, and now, thanks to fly Exclusive, it looks like this day may be arriving rather soon.

fly Exclusive Is Allowing Crypto Payments

fly Exclusive is a company that specializes in private jet charter travel. As a luxury brand, it has announced that all customers looking to fly the friendly skies through its services may do so with the help of cryptocurrencies, which can now be utilized alongside fiat and credit cards to pay for the company’s private jet offerings.

Since it was first invented more than 12 years, bitcoin was initially designed to serve as a payment option that would one day take over fiat. The idea that bitcoin would somehow knock aside all traditional payment methods has long been trapped in the back of investors’ minds, though this has been a troublesome journey for both users and enterprises alike.

One of the big problems with crypto is that it remains extremely volatile. As a result, it could go up or down at a moment’s notice. Sometimes, this is good like right now that bitcoin is trading at an all-time high of roughly $57,000 per unit. However, in other cases – such as in 2018 – the price is so bad that people wind up losing all their wealth and even miners begin looking for day jobs.

Thus, many businesses do not wish to accept bitcoin or crypto out of fear of losing funds, and to an extent, we can understand their fears. If you walk into a store right now and buy $50 worth of merchandise with bitcoin or some other asset, and then tomorrow the price of the asset goes down and that $50 becomes $40, the company you bought from has lost $10 while you still get to walk away with everything you bought. It’s not entirely fair, and companies have sought to protect themselves.

The Day of BTC Payments May Have Arrived

But now that largescale enterprises such as Uber and General Motors have announced that they are considering bitcoin payments in the future, several other companies are beginning to garner confidence in the digital payments world. In a statement, Mike Guina – – president of fly Exclusive – explained:

Technology continues to reshape how commerce is conducted and cryptocurrency has emerged as a highly attractive investment for many of our current and prospective clients. Because of this, we’re embracing the opportunity to offer cryptocurrency payments as another way to deliver value, convenience and premium service for our clients.

fly Exclusive is a premiere private airflight company that operates in various regions throughout the globe including North America, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Europe and Asia. The company offers clients over 70 different aircraft to choose from when considering private flights.

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