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Forbes Embraces Blockchain with New Civil Partnership


Civil have announced their latest collaboration, and it’s a big one. The blockchain-based platform has gained the attention and adoption of major news agency, Forbes.

Unbiased and fair news reporting is essential in any free country. However, journalists sometimes have to push this to the side whether through their own choice or under a directive from outside investors. Journalistic integrity can potentially get lost when pushing for profits.

Civil Media is on the path to changing this by democratizing the journalism industry. As with most things industry related, the platform will rely on a peer-to-peer business model which will see the platform, its journalists and readers work collaboratively to restore journalistic integrity and ensure that all news adheres to strict ethical guidelines.

Live Bitcoin News recently reported how the platform aided in the successful launch of the Colorado Sun, an online publication made possible by initial funding provided by Civil. The platform also recently collaborated with major agency, Associated Press.

Civil Welcomes Forbes

Now, according to Civil’s blog, they have expanded their reach even more and have partnered up with global media company, Forbes. The Senior Vice President of Product and Technology at the agency, Salah Zalatimo, said:

We are relentlessly focused on rapid experimentation and implementation so that we can determine what’s in the best interest of our audience and what is next for our industry. Forbes and Civil believe passionately in the mission of journalism, and together we can provide audiences with a level of unprecedented transparency around our content. We’ll also be able to expand the reach of our writers and identify new revenue channels over time.

The first quarter of 2019 will see Forbes publish metadata from certain articles onto the blockchain through Civil. This data will then be stored permanently and because of the immutability of the technology, will not be able to be edited. If things go well, Forbes is set to store all of their content on the blockchain within the next year.

This partnership is not only about data storage though. Forbes will also be working with Civil to improve reader engagement. In addition, the blockchain-based platform’s publishing tools will be integrated into Forbes own content management system.

Spotlight on Civil

Civil’s CEO, Matthew Iles, spoke about the platform’s newest collaboration:

Civil’s mission is to power sustainable journalism throughout the world, and Forbes’ commitment to regularly publish content on our platform is a major milestone for our approach. We look forward to working with Forbes as we connect with a broader audience interested in new, more direct ways to discover, share and support ethical journalism.

If people in the industry haven’t noticed Civil yet, they soon will. Each Forbes article that is placed on the blockchain will receive a Civil badge, which will actually appear on each of these pieces that are published on the agency’s website.

This amount of global exposure and the trust that Forbes has put in the platform could really make a difference in Civil’s popularity, adoption, and their goal of revolutionizing the media industry.

Who would you like to see partnering up with Civil? Let us know in the comments below!

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