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Forex Paradise Launches Visa-, MasterCard-Powered Bitcoin Debit Cards


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An international finance management company hailing from Hong Kong has launched a new range of Bitcoin debit cards.

Forex Paradise, as the company is titled, is already renowned for its decade old experience in providing forex trading, PAMM Investments, investment trusts, and asset management services. The company’s decision to add Bitcoin into its long list of financial services, therefore, is a welcoming sign for the digital currency, especially when naysayers still associate it with drugs and money laundering issues.

Forex Paradise, on the other hand, understands the potential behind the Bitcoin’s decentralized and open nature. The company’s very first venture — a new debit card range for Bitcoin users — itself proves how Forex Paradise is aiming to build a long-term business strategy. It is further reflected in the diversity of these Bitcoin debit cards, which are created to cater for users with diverse budget concerns.

It is also good to see that the said Bitcoin debit range is powered by world-class finance settlement services like Visa and MasterCard. The inclusion truly opens up Forex Paradise’s new venture to global audience, especially travelers who want to avoid lining up to foreign exchange counters or ATMs every time they need cash. With a Bitcoin Debit Card in hand, all their payments will be made in real-time without needing to convert to fiat — that is the power of Bitcoin, a true global currency.

Speaking of travelers, Forex Paradise has specifically introduced reimbursements for paying for special offers.

“Depending on type of purchase,” the company stated, “users will receive reimbursements for paying for special offers. They include: Up to 30% for purchasing air tickets and booking hotels; Up to 20% for paying checks in restaurants, entertainment centers, night clubs or shopping centers; Up to 10% for shopping online (eBay, Amazon, Google Play, AliExpress, online games etc); and up to 5% for making payments at filling stations.”

“The Bitcoin debit card range will be available only for the first 1000 members who have made deposits of a certain amount during promotion.”

For more information, please visit https://forexparadise.biz/home/promo/cards-release.

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