A company founded by a former Goldman Sachs executive claims in a new report that blockchain is one of the most important and revolutionary technologies to every arise.

The company is CoinFi, and the executive is named Timothy Tam. As a former Goldman Sachs equities trader and hedge fund manager, Tam made the decision to switch from financial services to statistical arbitrage and algorithmic trading and founded CoinFi over a year ago. He’s been involved in the blockchain arena ever since.

From Traditional Finance to Crypto

Per its website, CoinFi is the “world’s first decentralized crypto market intelligence platform.” The company offers analysis, research and trading signals to crypto traders and tries to offer users an edge as they examine price fluctuations amongst digital assets to see where or how far they will go.

While discussing his move to crypto, Tam explains in a recent interview:

“I saw a huge opportunity because it’s the dawn of a new industry. Like anyone who foresaw the hedge fund industry in the 90s would have done very well before it got crowded with more competition. Early movers get the advantage. I can see crypto evolving and maturing exactly the way equities did.”

Earlier this year, CoinFi held its own initial coin offering (ICO) and raised over $15 million in the process. The company has grown so much over the past 12 months that it has now added a group of data scientists to its team. The scientists take in crypto data in real-time and work to provide tools to traders to help them understand which currencies warrant more attention.

One of the biggest changes Tam sees in the future is the addition of further crypto regulation. In the same interview, Tam states:

“More regulation is better as it breeds confidence in the system. STO’s will be a catalyst for the whole industry once tokens can legally be issued that can issue income streams like dividends. It provides a traditional financial model to model these tokens and a floor valuation… I think this year you’ll see more regulation on exchanges and regulators enforcing better trading guidelines like in the equities markets.”

Where Crypto Might Go from Here

Ending the discussion, Tam also mentioned where he sees the crypto market heading over the next five years, saying that traders can expect to witness “more professional investors coming in and buying and trading tokens which will reduce volatility.”

He also says that the quality of crypto-based products will “go up.”

Do you agree with Tam that the blockchain and crypto industry has a positive future ahead? Post your comments below.

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