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Forsythe, GA Is Set to Get a New Crypto Mining Facility


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The town of Forsyth, Georgia is about to get a whole new cryptocurrency mining facility, but unfortunately, not all the residents are taking the news well.

Forsyth, Georgia Will Be a New Crypto Haven

The crypto mining industry has been great for many people. It has led to huge surges in new types of revenue, and it has also created a whole new string of jobs for tech hounds to enjoy. Sadly, the space has also garnered heavy bits of criticism from environmentalists who claim that mining crypto – especially bitcoin – is not going to leave our planet in the best state.

This argument has been raging for years, with support even coming from high-profile billionaires such as Elon Musk of Tesla fame and Kevin O’Leary of “Shark Tank.” Musk, as we all remember, decided that customers could purchase electric vehicles with bitcoin early in 2021. However, this was later rescinded as Musk felt BTC miners were not doing enough to control their emissions, nor were they using the energy they had effectively enough.

O’Leary was also quick to say that he would not be purchasing anymore bitcoin mined in China given that the nation did not invoke environmentally friendly extraction methods.

But while all these arguments have to do with saving the atmosphere, the residents of Forsyth are not happy simply because they feel the facility will make their neighborhoods less secure. One resident named Poindexter Evans explained in an interview:

No, I don’t think this would be a very good idea. You have people working and children who live here.

Others are concerned about the level of noise that the facility might make. The mayor of Forsyth, Eric Wilson, says that his office has been flooded with worries and complaints related to how much noise the mining machines are set to create. He says:

The main issue that we are hearing is noise from these plants.

Crypto mining facilities have a bad reputation for being some of the noisiest creations known to man. In fact, some have been known to reach sound levels of approximately 80 decibels. Talk about ringing in your ear…

And yet despite all these concerns, some health experts believe that people exaggerate the level of noise these facilities develop. A report recently issued by the health department at the University of Michigan says that the amount of noise emitted by a crypto mining facility is equal to that of an old-fashioned lawn mower.

No Plans to Get in the Way

Evans said that while he is concerned about the level of noise, he’s not going to get in the way of the facility should the sound lead to problems. He said:

I wouldn’t like it. I’m quite happy with the way things are now, but if it happens, it happens.

With these words, it sounds like the facility is set to make a fair amount of money for the city.

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