There’s someone for everybody. That special someone who cares., who understands, who loves you the way you are and accepts you for who you are. And the best part is they’ve also been searching for you.

Unfortunately, both of you have about a hundred thousand fake profiles to browse through before finding that needle in the haystack.  Finding love with these unnecessary roadblocks can be very daunting.

Call Me… Catfish

Real people, real faces, fake everything else. From that picture snatched off an obscure image search engine to contact information sourced from various online directories, catfishing has become increasingly sophisticated. The proliferation of information and absence of verification mechanisms has made it one of the most lucrative pursuits for scammers and phishers.

We are currently living in a world where we are spoiled by an abundance of choice in almost everything we do. However, while these choices have one form of filter or the other for us to choose most favorable – whether online or offline, dating sites have no such mechanisms other than cautionary warnings.

While it is expected for people to err on the side of caution when engaging with strangers, nobody goes to a library expecting a slugfest, nor do we go shopping brandishing harpoons. Every destination has its own inherent atmosphere and a confidence it instills. People don’t browse through spam folders looking for fate’s unsolicited intervention, neither do they go to a dating site to get scammed and exploited.

In order to create superior dating experiences and ultimately better relationships, a radical and complete remodeling of the entire online dating sphere is necessary and the only way to re-establish trust and confidence in online relationships.

But How?

Blockchain technology is championing a revolutionary new way of storing and exchanging values. Its distributed and decentralized nature renders it impervious to tampering and single-entity ownership with the traditional single point of failure. The geographical dispersion of blockchain records eliminates the chief cause of security breach and hacks in traditional platforms; centralization.

The centralization of control and access is the biggest point of failure in all the traditional record platforms. These platforms depend on a single server with a handful of backups to store users information. However, history has shown these servers to be easily breached, compromising user’s privacy.

By cryptographically securing and storing information, the blockchain solves the problem of users privacy and security and places the control of their information in the user’s hand.

But How To Sustain This Economy?

Leveraging a tokenized economy over a community-driven framework, has developed a universal platform where users are rewarded for putting effort to their relations and the next generation auditory and visual recognition system collects genuine users’ data and records it to the blockchain, ensuring the permanence of information.’s innovative engagement protocol is powered by its ERC20 based Hicky token (HKY). Participants in the network are always either earning or spending HKY when they engage each other.

Through the tokenization of user’s engagement, has created a platform that not only eliminates spam but also creates a rewarding channel of exchange.

The Main Sale will start on February, 14th – Valentine’s Day, so don’t miss your chance and visit Hicky’s website to learn more. Also, join their Telegram channel to stay tuned.

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