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FUNToken & ivendPay: Pioneering the Next Era of Crypto Payments


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FUNToken is proud to announce its momentous collaboration with ivendPay – a leading name in the crypto payment ecosystem catering to retail, e-commerce, and vending machines. This collaboration enables FUNToken to become a primary mode of payment across various platforms, signaling its growing importance and utility in the crypto domain.

ivendPay’s diverse solutions, including POS, Mobile App, E-commerce, Vending Machines, and API, provide an optimal platform for FUNToken holders to utilize their tokens in real-world scenarios. The commitment to low processing fees, ranging between 0.2-1%, and the option to use the IVPAY token for fee reductions presents an unbeatable offer for merchants.

This partnership’s overarching goal is to enhance the customer experience and provide them with a broad spectrum of payment options. Accepting FUNToken widens the business’s customer base and simplifies payment processes, eliminating the need to grapple with fluctuating exchange rates.

“In this dynamic era of digital transactions, our collaboration with ivendPay marks a significant milestone for FUNToken. Our vision has always been to enhance the utility and applicability of FUNToken, and this partnership embodies that very essence. We’re excited to bring our community closer to the future of crypto payments, making every transaction seamless, efficient, and rewarding,” said Sabine Ross, Head of Business Development at FUNToken.

This collaboration between FUNToken and ivendPay is a monumental step towards mainstream crypto adoption, emphasizing the utility and potential of FUNToken in revolutionizing the future of digital payments.

About FUNToken

FUNToken’s objective is simple – harnessing the power of blockchain tech to create “trustless” gaming ecosystems that users can rely on and operators can implement seamlessly.

FUNToken is backed by the best in the business – FreeBitco.in is committed to fueling FUNToken’s efforts of making non-custodial gaming an industry standard.

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