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Fyre Festival’s Billy McFarland crowned winner at Consensus 2024 Influencer Fight Club


Influencer and renowned founder beats crypto YouTuber Justin “Jchains” Custardo by Technical Knockout in 2nd round of his long awaited blockbuster fighting debut

UNITED STATES: Infamous Fyre Festival Founder and influencer Billy McFarland was crowned winner at this year’s Karate Combat Influencer Fight Club at Consensus 2024. It’s the first time the conference, now in its 10th year, has operated a fighting ring and invited social media and TV stars from the world of cryptocurrency to have an all-out showdown. Consensus is the world’s largest crypto currency, blockchain and web3 conference. Taking place at The Austin Convention Centre, today marks the final day of what was a hugely successful event.

Consensus’ influencer fight club pits the most influential names in the blockchain space against each other in an exhilarating full-contact, head-to-head karate match. Yesterday’s highly anticipated fight saw Fyre Festival Creator and ex-convict Billy McFarland enter the ring with crypto YouTuber and influencer Justin “Jchains” Custardo. The even was attended by a number of celebrities including UFC Commentator and Podcast Host, Joe Rogan, Comedians Shane Gillis and Tony Hinchcliffe as well as Ben Lamm and Chris Williamson.

Making his dazzling fighting debut at Karate Combat 46, McFarland knocked Custardo to the mat in round 2 securing the win by Technical Knockout. McFarland, most well known for his involvement with the infamous Fyre Festival (which was documented on Netflix) had trained for weeks with British Muay Thai champion and MMA coach, Phil Nurse in preparation for the fight. Speaking after the event, Billy pledged to use a portion of his winnings to repay his Fyre Festival investors and settle some of his $26 million debt.

The four-hour event left onlookers blown away at Consensus 2024 with attendees treated to nine professional karate fights and four influencer bouts including matches between Belly vs Lauren Sweeney, Tech “TKO” Hustler vs Tactical Investing and May Rocket Chan vs. LykaBoss Reed. For full card results for Karate Combat 46 please see here.

It’s the first year such an event has taken place at the world’s leading crypto conference, Consensus 2024. To witness last night’s exhilarating showdowns, you can view the entire session on YouTube.

Speaking about his win at Karate Combat Influencer Fight Club at Consensus 2024, Fyre Festival creator Billy McFarland said:

“Thank you for the opportunity to Mike and the best coach in the business, Phil Nurse. I was waiting for the clock to stop but we got him. My knockout prize is going to everyone I owe. Love you guys.”

Consensus 2024, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, blockchain and web 3.0 conference, took place at the Austin Convention Centre, from Wednesday 29th May – Friday 31st May. Hosted by CoinDesk, the festival welcomed over 350 of the most influential figures in the digital assets space and over 10 thousand attendees to attend a series of groundbreaking presentations, panel discussions and exciting networking sessions. Playing host to a wide range of industry leaders, innovators, startups, investors, policymakers, and digital currency enthusiasts from around the world, Consensus showcased the latest developments and trends across payments, NFTs, Web3, DeFi, regulation, investment, AI and the Metaverse.

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