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Game Machine: Blockchain Platform with a “Win-Win” Model for Users and Investors Alike


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The gaming industry is rapidly growing. Content consumption is at its peak due to the fact that almost everyone in the segment is a gamer themselves. In the recent days, gamers are flooded with a variety of options to enhance their gaming experience.

The $109 billion market is projected to grow even further in 2018, to create a bigger stage for the breed of gamers. Picking up on this pace are blockchain protocol startups gradually making the experience and creation of new content even more mainstream.

Enter Game Machine

For Instance, Game Machine –with its crowdsale going on since 14th December 2017 and ends 31st January 2018 is one such platform. Game Machine is a global open ecosystem for the game industry leveraging on cryptocurrency’s underlying technology. It uses the well-known Proof-of-Work consensus algorithms to create loyal gamer following who mine the native GMIT tokens using their powerful gaming computers. It allows the platform to limit access to gaming infrastructure to nonparticipants on the market. This approach when implemented will lock the industry and allow industry players to communicate directly with their targeted audience. When the gamers, developers, and advertisers come together under the Game Machine platform, it will be easy to champion for the development and improvement of gaming products quality.

Game Machine is putting much emphasis on quality. The Game Machine ecosystem will implement a combination of Proof-of-Work, Proof-of-Authority, and Proof-of-Stake schemes which will allow the network to exclude unfair participants, remove fraudulent traffic, and give gamers the power to select projects that matter to them. The platform will be launched with various support infrastructure including; Game Machine Client, Rise Machine, Ads Machine, and Exchange machine. This will allow the platform to allow mining of exchangeable GMIT cryptotokens and programs for gamers while providing a platform for developers to launch crowdfunding campaigns for their projects. Game Machine will have its own cryptoexchange for gamers.

Investors on Game Machine

Unlike other gaming startups testing the blockchain waters, Game Machine will provide infrastructure to use the internal cryptocurrency and invest in other products. The developers will use built-in features to interact directly with their customers and get first-hand feedback on the products. On the other hand, the investor will be presented with an opportunity to find promising games easily, and maintain their investments safely within a unified financial and technological system. This helps reduce the amount of time and funds spent by potential investors in analyzing the market for a gaming project worth of their investments. The platform will provide data from participating gamers to help measure the level of interest in the game. Armed with this information, investors can make wise investment decisions and benefit from the growing industry sector.

Game Machine crowdsale — 14th December 2017 to 31st January 2018, is expected to raise $20 million in funds. The last of the tokens issued from the presale is limited to 140,000,000 GMIT (Game Machine Token). The token is Ethereum compatible and is available for purchase against ETH, BTC and USD currencies. GMIT will grant investors access to the platform. Investors can also use GMIT to invest in projects of interest to receive the developer’s tokens and receive GMIT for correct predictions on successful projects. Top investors will be able to receive parts of all tokens released by each project on the platform.

The Game Machine crowdsale has been well received by the community, attracting over $820,000 within the first week. The platform is currently offering a 10% bonus on all token purchase.

More information about Game Machine platform is available at –


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