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A Game to quench your Bitcoin thirst


Who doesn’t dream about finding a pot of gold at the bottom of his/her drink? Well Dragons.tl lets you do just that. The popular MMORPG casino platform lets one earn actual bitcoins in its special gaming section called Drinks. So not exactly hitting a pot of gold, but earning bitcoins in reward is still good enough.

The game offers an array of fancy drinks at different levels, each a factor of 10 bigger than the other. The drinks in the game are not just to make your avatar look good, but as the avatar finishes it after sipping it for a few moments; it is quite possible that you might just find some bitcoins at the bottom of your glass. The bitcoins get there by the courtesy of the bartender as he has a knack of putting bitcoins in people’s drinks.

The best part, you can buy drinks for your friends as well and help them win!

The game is not only unique in its policy of rewarding people with bitcoins, but it also differs in the department of ambience from its counterparts . It takes the mundane away from the online casino world by replacing slot machines and card tables with a world of “blue skies, trees, plains, water, bars, castles and a lot of avatars running around.”

Dragons.tl. gets even more interesting with games like “Round of Drinks”, where a player has to buy drinks for everyone standing near the bar. The player can win or lose the money depending on the situation; or can even blackout after having one too many drinks.

Drinks is just one of many intriguing features as offered by Dragons.tl. The casino platform introduces a myriad games which can entertain and benefit you. The games offered range from luck based to skill based, therefore, making them interesting for everyone. Do visit this link to know more about them.

To know more about this fun-filled casino platform, visit www.dragons.tl


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