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Game Stars Is About To Repeat Ripple Success


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Blockchain and cryptocurrencies caused so much hype, buzz, and confusion in the investment world. A multifunctional blockchain-based gaming platform Game Stars has recently announced the start of the Token Sale. The amount of tokens allocated for the sale is limited to only 500 million. It means that not everyone willing to buy GST will be able to get one. Game Stars tokens are expected to sell as hotcakes from the counter.

Besides Bitcoin and Ethereum, one currency which name is coming up quite often is Ripple and its token called XRP – the world’s third most valuable cryptocurrency. At the beginning of 2017, its distribution started from $0.006. By the beginning of the following year, its price was set above $3. The increase in XRP value outrun Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency and formed a market capitalization equal to $32.7 billion.

Platform Game Stars has all the chances to repeat the success of Ripple. Game Stars Token value will soar to a new record due to 2 reasons:

  • The platform solves existing eSport problems and will be in demand of the market participants.
  • GST emission is limited to 500 million tokens and will not be enough for everyone willing to buy them

Let’s have a more detailed look at the Token Sale that’s about to start. All 500 million tokens will be available for purchase and every unsold token will be burnt after the end of the sale.

Game Stars will create a true bull trend on the cryptocurrency market as platform tends to solve eSports market problems and provides a variety of solutions for gaming market participants. Players can raise fundings on professional development and participation tournament fees. Advertisers choose a player or a team with the highest potential to promote their brand. Investors make money on the token increase in value.

The platform forms smart contracts with a help of tokens for each player. The tricky thing is that after the end of Token Sale only 14285 profile users should register in the system to exhaust the supply of tokens in the platform. It will be possible to buy GST only on exchanges from other token holders who in fact become GST monopolists. The price of the token will obviously increase.

GST should be a secret weapon of your investment portfolio. Visit Game Stars official website, participate in Token Sale and become a token monopolist. Subscribe to accounts on Facebook, Telegram, and Telegram chat to get the latest news.




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