For the past two years, GameCredits has been collaborating with gaming industry giants, e.g. Datcroft LTD, to build the first ever crypto mobile online gaming store. GameCredits has emerged to mitigate the numerous challenges facing the gaming industry. GameCredits, or GAME, is a cryptocurrency that has its very own blockchain, and is designed to be the basic currency of a free plug & play gaming monetization platform.

GameCredits has created a mobile store that currently hosts over 300 games and this number is planned to exceed 1000 by the end of 2017. GAME will simplify payments for game purchases, game credits, virtual in-game items…etc. Currently, Google Play and Apple Store accept only credit card payments, while GameCredits can be acquired via local payment methods, credit cards and other payment methods.


What is MobileGo?

GameCredits has also developed a smart token known as MobileGo, which is an Ethereum ERC 20 token that was designed to permit the application of the smart contract technology to various aspects of the gaming experience. The tokens will be also used to reward gamers for participation and loyalty. Users will have a profile on the mobile store’s platform, and will be able to earn rewards such as discounts and free tournament entries. Incentives will be earned via the status of the user’s profile, which could be improved with, among other factors, ownership of MobileGo tokens.

MobileGo’s tokens have been issued on both of Ethereum’s and Waves’ blockchains, and will represent the core of a group of novel mobile gaming technologies. MobileGo will permit the deployment of smart contracts which will allow for the creation of a distributed virtual marketplace for gamers, the ability to create decentralized P2P, or gamer vs gamer, match play and decentralized game tournaments that are fully run via smart contracts.

MobileGo will be associated with a decentralized marketplace where gamers can trade virtual in-game items and content, but GAME will be the main cryptocurrency used for payment for games and in-game items and content.

The platform will prioritize the earnings of game developers as its revenue will be only 10% of the total earnings of game developers, as opposed to Google Play and Apple Store which charge up to 30% of the game developers’ earnings.


The Economics of GameCredits and MobileGo:

Since its launch late in 2014, the price of GameCredits has been surging steadily. Early in 2015, the price of GAME was below 1,000 satoshis, yet today it has skyrocketed to 0.00177456 satoshis, recording an astonishing 17,700% rise in less than 2 years. On the 1 day GAMEBTC chart, we have plotted a Gann angle placement that spans between the low recorded on the 21st of December, 2015 (2,030 satoshis) and the high recorded on the 3rd of June, 2017 (0.00208 satoshis), and then executed a Gann Square, in order to predict the price of GAME by the end of the year 2017. As shown on the below chart, if GAME continues rising at the same rate that has been controlling the market over the past 18 months, we can expect it to reach 0.00288 satoshis, by the end of 2017.

GAME price

MobileGo’s crowdsale has just ended, and the token has been on exchanges for less than a couple of weeks, so it is rather early to predict where price will be heading. However, price is now around the 0.00066 satoshi level, and is expected to rise, especially that GAME has been witnessing a bullish rally during the past couple of months.



GameCredits and MobileGo are transforming the online gaming market. With the first ever decentralized mobile game store, GAME will not only simplify purchases of games, in-game content and in-game virtual items, but will also put the revenue of games back in the pockets of game developers.


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