Bitcoin is one of the fastest and the most convenient ways of payment currently out there in the world. With bitcoin, anyone can pay for anything, from anywhere without having to worry about having a bank account, credit card or currency conversion rates (in case of overseas payments). As bitcoin adoption grows, ecommerce portals and online payment gateways have started including bitcoin as one of the payment options.

The latest news from Taiwan about the country’s leading gaming platform GASH Point enabling bitcoin payments doesn’t come as a surprise. The company has collaborated with BitPay, the industry’s leading bitcoin payment processor to allow gamers to pay with bitcoin. The service will reach to over 10 million subscribers on GASH Point platform which they can use to make in game purchases with bitcoin.

GASH Point is part of a Gamania, a Taiwanese media house. It is currently one of the largest gaming platforms in Asia making over 3 million transactions per day. With the introduction of bitcoin payment option, GASH Point can expect its transaction volumes to improve further.

BitPay announced its partnership with GASH Point in one of the blog posts. The company goes on to say that its partnership with GASH Point allows BitPay to gain a stronger foothold in Asian market. Increasing its presence in the Asian market can turn out to be a game changer for BitPay as bitcoin usage is gradually picking up across the continent and people are already getting used to buying things using bitcoin.

BitPay has been in the news earlier for changing its focus from offering consumer centric bitcoin payment platform etc. to enterprise level solutions. However, the recent news proves that the company has not completely given up on bitcoin payment business.

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