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Gamers United! G2A.com Partners with Bitpay, Supports Bitcoin Payments


The gaming community and bitcoin community have a lot of things in common. Gamers and bitcoin users are generally early adopters when it comes to technology and it won’t be surprising if someone publishes report saying majority of bitcoiners are gamers or vice versa. Until now both of these communities were not directly linked except for some form of game money which happens to be some kind of digital currency. Not anymore, for gamers can now use bitcoin to buy the latest games and expansion packs on G2A.com

G2A.com, the leading digital gaming marketplace has partnered with another leading player when it comes to bitcoin payments — BitPay to include bitcoin payment options on its platform. The partnership between G2A.com and BitPay will enable gamers to buy their favourite games with bitcoin. The news about G2A.com accepting bitcoin was confirmed by the company’s CEO Bartosz Skwarczek.

Gamers will be able to buy a wide range of digital products including games, Steam software activation licenses, Xbox Live cards, PlayStation Network codes and time cards for other online games with bitcoin soon. G2A.com, with offices in Poland and Hong Kong attracts over 4 million new customers every year and clocks about 10 million transactions across the world per annum. Bob Voermans, the Executive Vice President of G2A.com expects an increase in number of sellers on the platform with bitcoin integration.

Bitcoin integration wil help sellers to sell their products to the global customers as there won’t be any issues related to cross border money transfer etc. Merchants on the platform will be able to sell their products for bitcoin and receive settlement in their local currency with BitPay.

The partnership between G2A.com and BitPay will make the global digital games platform to cater to the global gaming community with the help of a truly global currency


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