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GAMMA 4, Powered by Bluzelle, Launches Private Beta: Invites Testers to Play and Reshape Crypto Sci-Fi Gaming!


GAMMA 4, the Crypto Sci-Fi Epic, is now available for select players who can also earn early rewards for helping shape the game, powered by Bluzelle ~ Bringing GameFi on Cosmos!

Singapore, August 01, 2023 – Bluzelle, a pioneering blockchain for GameFi, proudly announces the highly-anticipated launch of GAMMA 4 Private Beta, an enthralling sci-fi RPG for the Cosmos ecosystem. After 18 months of relentless development by a world-class team, GAMMA 4 is now ready to take players on an extraordinary journey through a galaxy filled with powerful races, NFTs, and thrilling battles.

Innovations in Web3 Gaming

GAMMA 4 introduces groundbreaking innovations in Web3 gaming, including card strategy, character breeding, and the captivating use of NFTs. Players will find themselves immersed in a universe where a newly discovered energy source, Elementi, binds with various species  across the galaxy, unleashing formidable abilities. As a cataclysmic event sparks a planetary battle, players must choose sides and embark on a quest of strategic brilliance and epic encounters.

The game’s features include card deck building, genetic breeding of characters, team selection, exhilarating battles, and NFT character collecting, providing players with a vast array of options and immersive gameplay.

Commenting on the game, Bluzelle CEO and GAMMA 4 Executive Producer Pavel Bains added, “We’re excited to announce that GAMMA 4’s private beta will have two full chapters, each consisting of eight levels, totaling 16 levels, and this includes exhilarating Boss Battles. The gameplay is designed to offer an immersive and enjoyable experience, allowing players to explore and provide us with valuable feedback. Our goal is to create a game that not only captivates players but also incorporates their insights to make it truly exceptional.

He further commented, “It’s a feature complete game but running two levels, and then we’ll have more. The goal is to put all these good features in, get all the feedback from everybody, and then us and the team keep building more levels.

Exclusive Opportunity for 50 Players

The GAMMA 4 Private Beta is limited to just 50 players, offering an exclusive opportunity for enthusiastic gamers to join and actively shape the game. Pavel also expressed his excitement, “We’re thrilled to offer this opportunity to a select group of 50 players. Their valuable feedback will be instrumental in helping us refine and enhance the gaming experience. It’s a unique chance to be a part of GAMMA 4’s development journey from the start.

Rewards for Building a Better Game

To reward the dedication of the selected players in shaping the game, Bluzelle will offer three exclusive NFT character cards as players progress through the campaigns. Players’ feedback will be helpful in building and enhancing the game, and they will receive three unique NFT character entities as a token of appreciation. These rare NFTs will become cherished collector’s items, symbolizing their role in GAMMA 4’s legacy.

With the GAMMA 4 Private Beta release, Bluzelle aims to gather valuable feedback from the community and build a dynamic and captivating gaming experience that will push the boundaries of GameFi entertainment.

The GAMMA 4 Private Beta is LIVE now. Complete the Quests on Zealy and be among the first 50 players to access and play the game now.

To Complete the Quests on Zealy, visit : https://zealy.io/c/gamma4/questboard

Watch the GAMMA 4 Private Beta World Premiere to learn more: https://bit.ly/3PX3ZxO

For more information, visit http://gamma4.com.

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About Bluzelle

Bluzelle is an advanced L1 blockchain with 10K TPS, set to transform the Web3 gaming landscape with high-quality games. Upgraded to the latest Stargate V9, Bluzelle is bringing GameFi on Cosmos with codebase enhancements, IBC compatibility, Osmosis integration, fast & affordable cross-chain transfers, and more.

Bluzelle R2, a decentralized storage layer, uses a multi-node backup mechanism to ensure enhanced security of users’ assets in the Bluzelle ecosystem on GAMMA 4 and Capella, the first NFT Marketplace on Bluzelle.

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