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GAW Miner’s Hashlet sells by the Millions


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The Hashlet, a cloud based bitcoin miner launched seven days ago by one of the largest bitcoin hardware suppliers, GAW Miner, has been selling at a record-breaking pace.

As GAW Miners CEO, Josh Garza explains, “Hashlet has brought more people into bitcoin than any other product in the world.”

GAW Miner with a reputation for cutting-edge bitcoin infrastructure and machines has been targeting bringing more people into the bitcoin infrastructure and adopting cryptocurrency standards. Towards this end, it has been designing and developing bitcoin mining machines that are user friendly and – the same time – low-cost products. The Hashlet is a glorious example of the simplification of the complex bitcoin-mining processes, with a user-friendly front end that does not place limitations or cause hardship to those interested in bitcoin use.

GAW Miner’s mission to make bitcoin mining affordable and more accessible with low-cost   bitcoin mining products has been validated with sales of the Hashlet reaching well over a million units in the past week.

Josh Garza reiterated that, “It’s been an extraordinary success. We were selling thousands of units per second at launch and over 100GH in less than a week.”

Further, it is not just the first time bitcoin user who is buying up the Hashlets, but technical experts in cryptocurrency and established players in bitcoin mining who are also picking them up in large numbers.

Exultant Josh Garza shares that, “Hashlet will finally show the world what a bitcoin miner can be capable of. As impressive as The Hashlet is now, this is only the beginning.”

And GAW Miners will not stop just at this stage, says Garza.

For there will be upgrades offered on the Hashlet itself, followed by product upgrades as well as exchanges besides algorithm changes. After the release GAW Miners provided images of the behind-the-Hashlet operations allowing for a better understanding of the machines use case.

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