The cryptocurrency industry continues to evolve at a very quick pace. The Winklevoss twins, owners of the Gemini exchange, have announced some bold plans. It appears their platform will soon offer support for additional currencies. As of right now, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin are of great interest.

It is good to see more exchanges focus on different cryptocurrencies. There is a lot more to crypto than just Bitcoin and Ethereum. Especially now that both markets are in the dirt, finding alternatives is all the more important. We may soon see additional currencies being supported by the Gemini exchange. That in itself would be a rather interesting development, for obvious reasons.

Major Upcoming Moves by Gemini

Although it is unclear which currencies will be supported, the Winklevoss twins dropped some subtle hints. There was a brief mention of both Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. Both of those additions make a lot of sense for the company as a whole. Gemini is a favored exchange among institutional investors. If the company can expand its markets, things will get very interesting.

It is also worth noting Gemini has a partnership with Cboe Global Markets. This company is one of the entities providing access to Bitcoin futures. They also mentioned how they are looking to expand their current offerings to include top altcoins It seems both of these companies have very similar goals. Further collaboration on this front can generate legitimate fireworks.

When all of this may happen, remains to be determined. For now, there are no immediate plans to add new currencies to Gemini. At the same time, this topic is actively contemplated, which can only be a good thing. More currencies deserve a spotlight, and Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash appear to be rather solid choices in this regard. It will be interesting to see how things play out in this regard.

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