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Geopetro Wants to Set Up a Crypto Mining Firm in This Quiet Little Region


The Darlington Township Board of Supervisors in Pennsylvania has a hard decision to make. A company known as Geopetro, LLC – based in Worthington, Ohio – is looking to establish a new crypto data mining center in Beaver County that will be powered by natural gas.

Geopetro Is Moving Forward On Its Crypto Mining Project

The arguments surrounding bitcoin and crypto mining have grown exponentially over the past year. While some say the process is not as damaging as many would believe and it contributes to both jobs and economic growth, others do not agree, and have gone through great lengths to ensure the space is stopped dead in its tracks.

Two of the biggest fighters against crypto mining – as it is presently carried out – include Elon Musk of SpaceX and Tesla fame and Kevin O’Leary, famous for his appearances on the television program “Shark Tank.” Musk initially decided early in the year that crypto investors could purchase electric vehicles with bitcoin. However, he was quick to rescind this decision after he concluded that crypto miners were utilizing too much energy and were causing emissions to run rampant.

O’Leary also took quick action, claiming that he would not be purchasing any more crypto mined in China given that the country was not known for green extraction methods.

As it stands, Geopetro has purchased several wells in Beaver County. It would then lease the space these wells are on to a firm known as WT Data Mining and Science Corp., which would set up and run the data mining rigs. Many of these wells are situated near a natural gas site, which would provide the company with the energy it needs to run the machines.

This would be the company’s only natural gas mining site to date, suggesting the firm is looking to become more environmentally friendly. Natural gas is not only better for the environment, but it also allows the firm to save money given that coal and electricity are not only limited, but much more expensive alternatives when it comes to powering machinery.

Adam Reiss – director of resource planning and development at Geopetro – explained in an interview:

The gas operation on this site does not change at all at this point. The operation will remain the same.

Will the Noise Be an Issue?

While the project is likely to lead to economic growth, not all the residents are happy about a data center moving in next door given that these operations are notorious for the amounts of noise they produce. One resident named Danielle Miller stated:

I think it’s going to be exceptionally loud. I moved to where I moved on Enon Road to get away from noise. I moved there for the quiet. I want to hear the birds and the owls at night… I’m going to go absolutely crazy because I have many health issues including anxiety and depression.


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