A luxury vehicle dealership in the U.S. state of Texas has hopped on the Bitcoin bandwagon and started accepting the crypto as payment.

Compared to this time five years ago, or even last year, it’s refreshing to see how many businesses are beginning to accept cryptocurrencies for goods or services. The road to mass adoption may be paved with industry difficulty, but it’s definitely leading to virtual currencies being used as a global medium of exchange.

Being successful in crypto trading at this time does have some drawbacks though, like finding a place to spend your hard-earned virtual money. There are, of course, a range of platforms out there for you to peruse, but sometimes, you just want to go into a real store and treat yourself. What better way to do this than by buying a brand-new luxury car?

The feeling of excitement of going to the dealership, breathing in that distinctive new car smell, and going for a test drive can only be beaten by driving away with your brand-new baby. According to The Street, this process just got a whole lot easier for crypto holders in Houston, Texas.

Move over Lambo

Post Oak Motors is one of the latest businesses to accept virtual currencies as payment, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash specifically. The owner of the luxury vehicle dealership, Tilman Fertitta, said:

The rising of Bitcoin sparked my interest. Being a premier luxury car dealer, I always want to offer my customers the very best buying experience and this partnership will allow anyone around the world to purchase our vehicles faster and easier.

If you’re ready to splash out, you can buy a Rolls-Royce, Bentley, or Bugatti. If you’ve been very lucky, you can even buy one of each. All transactions are made through BitPay, whose Chief Commercial Officer, Sonny Singh, said:

We’ve noticed people prefer to make larger purchases with Bitcoin since it is a simple way to make payments. This partnership is timely with the increasing popularity of ultra-luxury vehicles. Post Oak Motors has a great reputation of (sic) selling the finest cars and we are thrilled to be partnering with Tilman.


Bitcoin Interest Continues to Grow

According to Chron, this might not be Fertitta’s final foray into the industry. As the owner of a range of businesses, including restaurants and hotels, the billionaire businessman sees a future for crypto. He states:

We try to always be on the cutting edge. If I’m a betting man, I’m expecting [Bitcoin] is here to stay.

While Bitcoin has not had the best couple of days, the growing interest and adoption of it are hard to ignore. From more Bitcoin ATMs being set up in Greece to your friendly Walmart selling Bitcoin candy, global adoption and awareness seem to be slowly happening already.

Do you think that more U.S. dealerships will start accepting cryptocurrency as payment? Let us know in the comments below!

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