GG World Lottery is a revolutionary idea, offering completely transparent, online and government-regulated national lotteries to players and interested investors across the world. Identifying a pressing need for disruption in a market which is incredibly popular, yet notably old-fashioned, GG World Lottery introduces an entirely online, transparent, and compliant national lottery solutions. With a team of seasoned veterans, the project stands out from the crowd with its innovative approach. GG World has recently announced its exclusive reverse ICO that is going to bring special benefits for the token holders.

What’s Special About GG World’s ICO?

There are plenty of ICOs that have been launched in the past, of which many have succeeded. But, when it comes to GG World, it is like no other as it is an already well-established company that is in the process of creating an innovative solution. In line with its operational history and core competencies, GG World, as a part of its token offering is running a reverse ICO. Those participating in the reverse ICO, to purchase and hold the platform’s GGC tokens will also receive a reverse share in the project. The platform has adopted a special business model where the dividends are distributed based on the jackpot prize wins. With the dividend as well as profit-sharing models in place, investors and lottery platform operators have a win-win situation. In addition, the platform will also share a portion of profits with recognized charitable institutions in their operating geographies, which also helps in the overall development of the region as well.

Core Features

The key features of this brand new, unique blockchain-based lottery ecosystem that sets it apart in the market include:

  • Team

The project’s team consists of industry experts with decades of experience in the field of national lotteries. GG World Lottery is led by its CEO Mark Hutchinson who is a startup expert and has worked with some of the leading lotteries in the United States. He is also the founding member of Lotto America which is now popularly known as Powerball.

  • Already-operational Model

GG World Lottery knows better than to step into a vastly competitive market of the kind empty-handed. The project is responsible for developing one of the most unique products in this category – comprehensive white-label lottery software which offers a ticket-purchase courier service for the most well-known lotteries throughout the world. This allows it to open multiple lottery ticket-selling websites on behalf of its partners. The platform is capable of turning thousands of government-run offline lotteries to online offerings and raising the userbase by many folds.

  • Strategic Expansion & Diversity of Offerings

The company isn’t just starting the GG World Lottery platform but creating numerous African, South American and Asian online lotteries. All the offerings will be licensed by respective regulatory bodies. In this regard, GG World has already signed agreements with various regulators in many nations to operate as official channel partners for national lotteries. The platform will be entirely online, government-backed and even mobile friendly.

  • Utmost Transparency

GG World Lottery’s underlying technology handles this issue, bringing forward unparalleled transparency through blockchain-based technology. Thanks to its smart contracts’ implementation, the project will guarantee the fairness of the draws, allowing everyone to cross-check on demand.

In addition, the platform will introduce its True Random number Generator (TRNG). The project has come up with a unique system built on a proprietary enterprise-grade solution which will deliver entirely true random numbers which is based on the natural randomness in the world by taking advantage of quantum physics.

The ICO is starting on November 2nd and will run till January 31st, 2019.

The company has already signed NDAs with multiple regulatory bodies throughout the world, which will help GG World scale the business, further driving demand for the GGC tokens and hence their value.

To know more, visit or its Facebook and Twitter page.


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