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GG World to Gain More Credibility as It Partners With Goldfingr Investment Network


GG World Lottery holds the credit for introducing a unique solution capable of offering government-licensed, mobile-friendly, national and global lotteries. Based on blockchain technology, it provides a trustworthy platform with increased transparency and reliability. Following the launch of a highly-successful token sale, where the project raised over $5 million in no time, GG World has now announced yet another welcome development. The company has partnered with Goldfingr Investment Network, further enhancing its scope, credibility, and scalability.

How Is GG World Revolutionizing the Lottery Industry?

 GG World aims to replace the conventional, obsolete lottery traditions and mechanisms with online, mobile-friendly and wider-scale global lotteries that are made as per the user’s preferences. It frees the players from the fear of government crackdown as the lotteries it offers are fully sanctioned, regulated and are in full compliance with regional regulatory provisions.

The above-par transparency and reliability is achieved using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and True Random Number Generator (TRNG) which together ensures unparalleled security, transparency, and traceability. On GG World-run lottery programs, draws are bound to occur as per the natural randomness of the world, based on the principles of quantum physics.

What to Expect from GG World-Goldfingr Partnership?

GG World is backed by a team of reputed professionals. The CEO of GG International, Mark Hutchinson is an industry expert with over 35 years of experience in the field and one of the leading authorities in emerging markets, especially Africa. To attract more investors and to strengthen platform’s credibility, GG World has partnered with Goldfingr Investment Network Club that is a very well-known investment club based in New York and involves accredited investors and professionals.

The credibility of GG World is further boosted by the involvement of Goldfingr’s founders Rob Charles Wells – CEO and Scott Nguyen – Partner. Speaking of his company’s work Rob Charles Wells said, “In addition to capital, we connect entrepreneurs to the most influential investors and power structures that get deals done to accelerate businesses.”

He further explained how Goldfingr can contribute to the growth of GG World by stating,

“Once a company is vetted and Goldfingr certified, they are more likely to close investment rounds and succeed.  For example, through our network, we’re confident that we can open doors for GG to 36 African countries, along with countries in Asia and Latin America.”

In addition, the collaboration will also help many GG World users join the investment network, participate in events, deals and more. At the same time, GG World will get noticed by accredited investors, in addition to the partnership opening more doors for the company’s foray into the developing world markets.

Goldfingr is offering memberships to investors and entrepreneurs, allowing them to register on With a waiting list for new memberships, the earlier one registers, sooner they will have their membership approved. Any queries regarding the platform, membership or deals can be addressed to Goldfingr’s representatives over email at [email protected] and receive a quick response.

The Big STO

The GG World’s much awaited public STO started on Nov 30th and the initial phase managed to raise over $5 million to keep the project on track. Since GG World already has a well-developed product in place, the funds raised will be put to use for development and implementation of strategic marketing campaigns, support legal expenses and to secure prizes for the lottery participants. These activities will also pave the way for further expansion of the platform from Zambia to other developing markets.

The most important thing to note is that the generated amount will be used for further development and scaling of the project, as GG World has already developed the product at this stage, unlike other projects.

Apart from being 100% transparent, the platform will also be monitored, and be certified by Gaming Laboratories International – a world-class gaming certification business

To read more about the GG World and take part in its STO, please log into its official website, or visit Twitter and Facebook page to receive regular updates or join the live discussion at their Telegram group!



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