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GIFcoin’s Stage 1 Sale Is Sold Out! Hurry While Stage 2’s Tokens Last for a 40% Bonus


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GIFcoin, the first of its kind Gambling Investment Fund has completed the first stage of its ongoing token sale. The successful completion has advanced the prospects of GIFcoin as it opens the second stage, which is expected to maintain the same momentum according to main cryptocurrency investment experts.

During the second round, participants in the token sale stand to receive a 40% bonus on all token purchases before it is further reduced in the next round.

The GIFcoin token sale is one of the most desirable crowdsales at the moment as it is already backed by a fully functional VitalBet gambling platform with an excellent track record and operational history. Most of the crypto-investors have recognized the value of its Gambling Investment Fund, which will help VitalBet upgrade its platform and introduce new features. As the platform grows, those holding GIFcoin stand to receive a share of profits, which makes the crowdsale a potential long-term investment option.

How is GIFcoin leveraging the profits of the Gambling industry?

Online betting is a growing market where revenues reached USD 484 billion in 2016. By investing in GIFcoin, the token sale participants will be playing an instrumental role in the creation of an industry-leader in online gambling, which will, in turn, attract lots of users and generate huge profits. As VitalBet works on becoming one of the top bookmakers in the world, it is forecasted to generate massive profits for the investors and the founders. According to a research conducted by the GIFcoin team, the top bookmakers currently generate revenue upwards of USD 800 million.

The platform recognizes the contributions made by the community towards the Global Investment Fund through GIFcoin and will be rewarding them for their support by offering a share of the profits to all its token holders. With the gambling industry bound to grow bigger with time, profits and hence the payouts for token holders are expected to continue for a long time.

How Big is VitalBet?

VitalBet is a fully operational online betting website with over 20,000 active users in over 20 countries. The platform covers all major sports for online betting, including online casino, esports, and virtual sports.

To reward ICO investors, GIFcoin is going to share 80% of VitalBet’s annual profits with them once a year. This will help promote long-term, sustainable mutual growth for its investors and its founders.

GIFcoin Details

The platform has set a maximum cap of 300 million GIFcoin tokens. Out of which 260 million tokens are offered to the token sale participants across 7 different stages. The platform has also closed a private sale of 10 million GIF before the launch of public token presale. The GIFcoin token sale stages along with bonus offerings are listed below.

Distribution: 300,000,000 GIF

Private Sale – 10,000,000 GIF – SOLD OUT

Stage 1 – 6,400,000 GIF – SOLD OUT
Stage 2 – 7,000,000 GIF with a 40% Bonus
Stage 3 – 7,800,000 GIF with a 30% Bonus
Stage 4 – 8,400,000 GIF with a 20% Bonus
Stage 5 – 92,400,000 GIF with a 15% Bonus
Stage 6 – 77,000,000 GIF with a 10% Bonus
Stage 7 – 61,000,000 GIF with NO Bonus

Those participating in the token sale can purchase the tokens against ETH, BTC and LTC payments. There is a minimum investment limit of 0.5 ETH, 0.05 BTC or 2 LTC for stages 1 to 5. GIFcoin has set the soft cap and the hard cap for the token sale at 5000 ETH and 24000 ETH respectively.

More information about GIFcoin and its ongoing token sale is available at –


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