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How Global Spy is making cryptocurrency investment safer


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The cryptocurrency industry saw an influx of cryptocurrency startups in 2017. At the moment, there are over 1400 cryptocurrencies with an expected 180 new ones to be launched in 2018. This translates to one new cryptocurrency every two days. Investors are truly spoilt for choice.

However, a closer look at the surface shows that not all is rosy in the in the crypto market. A study showed that 46 percent of the 902 cryptocurrencies active at the start of 2017 failed. Some were out-and-out- scams while others slowly faded away without an adequate business or technical soundness. An additional 113 are no longer engaging the community online, indicating they are on a downward trend.

Prudent cryptocurrency investment

The conundrum that most investors have is how to choose the right cryptocurrency asset. You can approach it using two ways. The first is learning how to determine the right crypto assets to invest in without unnecessary risk. This is quite complicated, and you need to learn the intricacies of blockchain development and a good background in business analysis. Unfortunately, few of us meet these qualifications. The second approach is paying experts to research on your behalf. This may be an extra cost, but you get the peace of mind that your hard-earned money will not be swindled.

The Global Spy solution

Global Spy combines expert research with blockchain technology to provide investors more options. Investors who join Global Spy can purchase spy tokens that can be used to pay for research on any cryptocurrency asset or company. The Global Spy team provides expert research that even entails visits to the offices of any startups. Our business experts assess the longevity of the business model while the technical department determines whether the algorithms and smart contracts are sound enough to yield success. As a result, you will never have to invest blindly in suspicious cryptocurrencies.

An added benefit of using the blockchain-based platform is that investors can earn from the research they have already ordered. If another investor wants the same information, they will be forwarded the research, and the original investor gets 50 percent of what is paid. This is an industry first. Whenever you had any research done, you would use it forget about it because it cannot be resold. However, Global Spy offers its users an opportunity to share in the profit instead or replicating the same research.

With time, there will be a comprehensive list of cryptocurrencies that have been thoroughly analyzed by the research team. Furthermore, since Global Spy is blockchain-based, it is less costly, more confidential and transparent than other research firms. It also provides unparalleled security by using a distributed ledger to record the research done and those that other research firms do not offer. Global Spy offers the investors a platform where they can conduct due diligence on any cryptocurrency assets before risking their hard-earned cash.

You can become one of the early investors by taking part in the ICO starting 15th March 2018. You can become one of the early adopters by acquiring Spy tokens at a discounted price. The first week will see a 20 percent discount to investors, the second will have 10 percent but from the 29th there will be no discounts. The earlier you join the better. Since the Hard Cap is 150 million, there are enough Spy tokens available for investors. The launch rate will be 1 ETH for 5,000 Spy tokens with any purchases over 5.5 being subject to KYC. Join the revolution and earn while conducting due diligence. You can join the whitelist on http://www.globalspy.eu/#footer or you can contact the Global Spy team on:


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