Google has taken a stance against an Ethereum application it thought was mining cryptocurrency.

Google Moves Against Crypto – Again

The application is known as Meta Mask, and Google has removed the wallet from its Play Store – only to quickly reinstitute it. Following a quick reexamination of the situation, Google has decided that the application was not extracting new coins like it thought and has made the application available for download once again.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because Google has been taking a lot of strange and mislead actions against the cryptocurrency community as of late. Just last week, the cryptocurrency world was hit hard by Google when its video streaming site YouTube sought to take down several videos associated with digital currencies and blockchain technology. Hundreds of videos and channels were removed with little or no explanation.

Google later issued a statement explaining that the content had been taken down due to a “bug” that targeted small-time cryptocurrency material. This makes no sense when one really considers the circumstances, and one can’t help but wonder if perhaps Google is reinstating its age-old anti-crypto attitude and thought that maybe – just maybe – nobody would notice if it suddenly started removing certain channels here and there.

But people did notice, didn’t they Google? And when they did, you had no choice but to backtrack and apologize and say that all channels would be properly restored – a step you’ve been very slow to take.

Now, it appears you’ve done the same thing. Taken down an application that was never mining cryptocurrency and has never been implied to mine cryptocurrency. Did you remove it thinking you could get away with taking another stab at the crypto space, or is this all one big coincidence?

Google has a history of being against cryptocurrency applications, especially those that serve as miners. The search engine removed all applications slated to extract new coins from its Google Play Store in mid-2018, claiming that these applications gave way to crypto jacking and other malicious activity.

In addition, it was alleged that several of these mining apps had malicious code embedded into them that could damage devices if left untouched.

This Is Just A Big Mistake…

Meta Mask, however, doesn’t fall into this category. Rather, it’s simply a wallet that allows people to store cryptocurrency units and interact directly with decentralized apps through Ethereum. Meta Mask was banned for roughly one week before finally being integrated back into the Google Play Store.

It doesn’t help Google’s image when the company also inherently paves the way for a dodgy new method of crypto theft. Recently, Google Chrome released a new extension known as “Ledger Secure.” Still in its early phase, the extension has been discovered to contain a bug that allows bad actors to enter another person’s cryptocurrency wallet and rob them blind.

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