Two parliamentarians in Chile have presented a resolution which proposes the implementation of blockchain technology in all public fields of the country.

Implementing Blockchain in Public Fields

Chilean parliamentarians Miguel Angel Calisto and Giorgio Jackson presented a blockchain resolution before the lower house of Parliament October 4th. The proposed changes suggest implementing the innovative technology within all the country’s public areas.

Deputy Calisto outlined some of the potential benefits, saying:

…with this technology we could also transparently and unalterably track the management and work carried out by the different public agencies, with their indicators and all the figures collected, reducing the possibility that this information is used maliciously with others.


Existing Issues Waiting to be Solved

The two parliamentarians also stressed the fact that there are existing issues which could be solved using the new technology, suggesting that further research on the benefits of blockchain-based technology be carried out.

They pointed out notaries as a prime example of a field which could benefit from blockchain implementation. The main reason for this is the sensitive nature of the information they keep and that it is currently taking up “huge expenses.”

Earlier this year, the president of the country’s Central Bank, Mario Marcel, said that regulations for cryptocurrencies are under consideration.

Chile isn’t the only country foraying into the field of distributed ledger technologies.

In July, Argentina announced the development of its very own blockchain system along with various government agencies. The project is dubbed Federal Blockchain of Argentina and aims to improve different public processes as well as to standardize the private application of the innovative technology. According to the release, the system should be live this year, and it will include 15 stages of incorporation. The project’s implementation is designated to cover public, private, for-profit, and not-for-profit organizations.

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