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Graeme Moore Publishes Bitcoin Book for Kids


A new book has emerged to teach children about bitcoin. Known as “B Is for Bitcoin,” the book shows children the basics of both the alphabet and cryptocurrency, a technology that is likely to become the norm when they’re full-fledged adults.

 Showing Kids the Wonders of Bitcoin

At press time, cryptocurrency and blockchain can still be considered “emerging” technologies. While bitcoin is already ten years old, it doesn’t have the history of America’s banking system, which emerged during the earliest days of the country through the work of men like Alexander Hamilton. In addition, BTC and its altcoin cousins are still being used primarily for speculative purposes. Compare that to credit cards or cash, which are the primary tools for everyday purposes.

However, it’s probably safe to say that blockchain will become a regular form of technology by the time today’s kids have grown up. A technology that will have somehow integrated itself into every business or industry, whether it be shipping, finance, and even entertainment.

Author Graeme Moore realized this and wanted to give children an opportunity to understand the technology and money that would likely be far more mainstream by the time they’re in their 20s and 30s. There was just one issue. According to Moore, children don’t buy books; their parents do, and he needed to find an intelligent way of marketing the book to adults who would, in turn, read the book to their kids.

Describing the process of writing and marketing the story, Moore explains:

 Their parents buy books, especially if you’re writing an ABC book. When the book ‘Go the [Expletive] to Sleep’ came out, you’re selling a book to the two-year old’s parents. My book is really targeted at me in five to ten years. Flash forward and I have a kid, what would I buy? I would have purchased [“B is for Bitcoin”] because it’s what I want to read to my kid. You know, I don’t want to teach my kid, ‘A is for apple and B is for ball.’ I want to teach him, ‘A is for altcoin, busts and booms. B is for bitcoin, when moon?’

 How Do Kids Understand?

One can only assume what that last sentence means. Also, “busts” and “booms” start with B, not A, but we can probably get the picture of what Moore is trying to do. In fact, he initially started writing the book not for money, but simply because he had a one-and-a-half-year-old niece that he was looking to keep busy. He comments:

 I was thinking, ‘What would I want to read to her?’ I don’t want to talk about apples and boast and all that kind of stuff. I want to talk about bitcoin to my niece who is about to learn how to talk.

The book is now available on Amazon.


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