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Greenidge Crypto Mining Center Heads to South Carolina


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Greenidge Generation Holdings – a crypto mining firm in Dresden, New York – says it’s going to invest approximately $264 million to establish a new data center in Spartanburg County in the state of South Carolina. The new center is slated to bring around 40 new jobs to the region.

Greenidge Is Heading to S.C.

Governor Henry McMaster stated in a recent interview:

South Carolina is transforming into a hub for tech-focused companies, and we welcome Greenidge Generation to our growing roster of innovative companies. The company’s $264 million investment and the 40 skilled jobs they are creating will make a tremendous impact in Spartanburg County and beyond.

Jeff Kirt – the CEO of Greenidge – also threw his two cents into the ring, explaining:

We are extremely excited to announce our commitment to expand our business to Spartanburg, and we’re grateful for the welcome and support we have received from the state and our local community. This is a significant step in Greenidge’s strategy to build upon our unique expertise at new locations across the country. This site is ideal, with an energy mix that is more than 60% carbon-free, opportunities for additional growth, and a business-friendly climate.

South Carolina is a growing crypto mining hub. Not long ago, another mining firm – Litchain Corp. – announced that it was going to be opening a whole new data mining center in the state, which would bring all kinds of jobs and income to the region. Spartanburg County council chairman Manning Lynch expressed huge excitement at the growth the state was experiencing, stating that:

This kind of technology-fueled investment fits perfectly with our aim to diversify the types of developments, and therefore the types of jobs, we attract to Spartanburg County. We welcome Greenidge Generation and look forward to the impact they’ll have on the growing eastern side of Spartanburg County.

The State’s Mining Business Is Growing

The trend is allegedly continuing from what was witnessed last year, according to councilman David Britt. He says that South Carolina began to experience a heavy boom in crypto activity at the end of 2021, and that things are continuing into 2022. He states:

I believe 2022 will surpass this past year’s success, which was an incredible accomplishment for Spartanburg. To say I am bullish about 2022 would be an understatement. Put on your dancing shoes and January results start the year on the right foot.

While the region is clearly enthusiastic about what kind of breaks it will likely get thanks to the growing mining sector, crypto mining has taken a lot of flak over the past few years from environmentalists, who feel that digital currency mining can wreak havoc on the environment and harm the planet in irreversible ways. Many mining firms have thus sought to incorporate greener extraction methods as a means of pleasing everyone.

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