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Groundbreaking Blockchain-Based Content Platform Set to Revolutionise the Digital Content Industry


The Decentralised Accessible Content Chain platform is the world’s first public blockchain to integrate Identity Access Management (IAM) technology and solve the problems of data management and ownership in the digital content industry.

June, 6 2018 – A new blockchain-based content platform – Decentralised Accessible Content Chain (DACC) – dedicated to solving content and user data access management issues in the digital content industry was launched today. The project, which was previously known as Decentralised Accessible Content, is currently underway and is set to be completed by Q3 2019.

The DACC platform is the world’s first decentralised Identity and Access Management (IAM) content chain that gives users and content creators methods to securely initiate, store and manage access permissions to their data and intellectual property (IP). IAM ensures content creators and owners have full control over how their data is accessed, shared and monetised.

By developing its own public blockchain with IAM technology, DACC aims to address issues of content ownership at the infrastructure level. In addition, a full suite of developer tools will be available for developers to build any content-related platform and decentralised application (DAPP) on top of DAC’s platform and infrastructure.

Internet and network technology have pushed tremendous growth in the digital content industry, with more data, channels and platforms available than ever before. The data explosion has highlighted major concerns in how personal data privacy is secured, prompting regulations such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. Yet these measures ignore the fundamental problem in today’s data-driven society – data that is owned and maintained by centralised interests will always be subject to security risks, non-transparent sharing and access grants, and unfair monetisation.

“Centralised digital content platforms have struggled to authenticate and protect original content, which has led to a hotbed of pirated works that leaves the vast majority of content creators unable to support their creative endeavours,” said Vincent Nguyen, CEO of DACC. “DACC places data ownership and management back in the hands of their respective owners and creators. By combining blockchain technology with IAM, DACC is launching its platform to support the digital content industry’s growth and advancement, nurture creativity and protect data ownership.”

The DACC platform aims to build the world’s largest digital content database based on blockchain and AI technology. The DACC platform will establish a transparent, secure, decentralized, and incentives driven framework for the open creation and exchange of digital content, while protecting privacy and data ownership.

One example of a decentralised application (DAPP) that can be built on the DACC platform is an audio content database.

Today, digital platforms largely rely on centralised business models which stifle revenues and incentives for content creators. An audio content DAPP would establish a transparent, secure and incentive-driven of experiencing audio content through an innovative token economy.  Using tokens to incentivise and reward content creators and consumers works to connect creators with their audience, fan base, and other professionals to foster a global community that will proliferate the creation of audio content and data.

The platform will also bridge audio content to the next generation of smart audio. Such an open and robust platform will empower and reward the audio content community while advancing audio content platforms and devices towards unprecedented levels of innovation and progress.

“Today’s digital content industry is largely threatened by the lack of data ownership and privacy. A decentralised IAM content presents a huge opportunity for the industry to solve content and data access management issues, and supporting the creative endeavours of content creators,” added Sky Zhu, Partner of DACC. “DACC will provide decentralised, scalable blockchain infrastructure for all content-based platforms that will revolutionise how we appreciate and interact with digital content— creating new revenue streams and new possibilities for the audio industry.”

DACC will be launching their Initial Token Offering (ITO) on 10 June 2018. The sale will run for one week and is expected to be worth $10,000 ETH, which is worth about US$6.3m today. A total of 30 billion DACC Tokens will be issued as an ERC20 utility token to be used within the DACC platform.

Check out the DAC Whitepaper – http://www.dacc.co/whitepaper/Dacc.pdf

Chat on Telegram – https://t.me/dacc_official_group_english

About Decentralised Accessible Content Chain (DACC)

Decentralized Accessible Content Chain (DACC) is revolutionizing the digital content and media industry. As a public blockchain featuring content ownership and access management at the infrastructure level, the DACC platform is set to introduce a new interactive way of experiencing digital content with an innovative token economy that incentivises and rewards content creators and consumers.

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