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Guardian Platform Seeks to Bring All Crypto Project Data Under One Roof


Guardian Platform – a leading ERC-20 token firm – is in the process of developing what it’s calling the “Stage 5” project data dashboard. The product is quite unique and ambitious in the sense that it will bring information about all the leading crypto-based projects out there right now to customers through a single point.

Guardian Wants to Give Us All the Necessary Crypto Data

One of the big things about crypto projects nowadays is that they are often somewhat obscure. Unless their tokens are trading at specific prices, they are not listed, nor is much information given about them to members of the trading public. Guardian wants to change all this by giving these projects the attention they’re due.

The Stage 5 project consists of information that the companies themselves provide, meaning it is fully 100 percent verified and there are few opportunities for mistakes. There are more than 70 overall data fields available on the project that can be used to share product descriptions, exchange data, social accounts, tax data, artifact documents (such as whitepapers), audits, and liquidity pool locks.

The dashboard will also separate all the featured projects per category. Right now, there are stage one through five categories depending on how much information is being shared about a project or company in question. Granted the company is quite new and not much is known about it, that project is listed under the “State 1” tab, whereas a firm that’s already rather established that the public is aware of will be listed as a “Stage 5” enterprise.

Frank Roark – the project manager at Guardian – explained in a recent statement:

There’s plenty of data on projects within this space. Users are forced to scour the internet on dozens of different sites which results in a diluted and sometimes misinterpreted understanding of a project. Guardian Platform is creating the space where all project information can be presented by projects directly to users in one single location… We’re very excited to offer Guardian Platform’s Stage 5 project dashboard to our industry. Every legitimate project in this space wants others to know about their work, and the current platforms within this space don’t provide users with a comprehensive picture. Focusing on current financials, transaction counts, or social media followers does not provide all the information needed to make investment decisions. People need the full picture directly from the projects without industry determining what is or is not important, and that’s exactly what Guardian Platform is going to provide with our Stage 5 project dashboard feature.

Telling Users What They Want to Hear

Kristen Mader – the enterprise manager of Guardian – also threw her two cents into the mix, saying:

The components we are building will allow projects to communicate information more easily to users. We dig a little deeper, and it gives us a better idea of what folks want moving forward.


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