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Hackers Decode Blurred QR Code to Claim $1,000 Worth of Cryptocurrency


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Sharing a Bitcoin QR code on national television can be quite troublesome. Roger Ver will gladly testify to this issue, as he lost around $1,000 worth of Bitcoin Cash. This money was claimed through a QR code which was blurred out. However, the two “hackers” successfully reconstructed the image and claimed the money. It was designed to be hacked, though, but it is still an interesting development.

It is evident Roger Ver is still a big fan of Bitcoin Cash. So much even he was willing to give away 3 BCH earlier this month. All users had to do was watch the broadcast and scan the QR code. However, this code was blurred out and should be unrecognizable. That was not exactly the case as far as Michel Sassano and Clement Stork are concerned. Both French individuals successfully put the QR code together and swiped the funds accordingly.

Bitcoin Cash QR Code Swiped

With the 3 BCH balance being swiped successfully, an interesting precedent has been set. The blurring of the code was done on purpose. France 2, who broadcasted the interview, doesn’t want to oppose local regulations. News broadcasts cannot give away cash prizes in any form. Still, this blurring didn’t help matters much by any means. It took around 16 hours to put the full code together again, but the effort paid off.

While they would have liked to receive BTC instead of BCH, one can’t look a gift horse in the mouth. It is evident Bitcoin Cash is far less valuable than Bitcoin. That situation will not change anytime soon either. The money has been sent to a proper wallet, but it will not be sold anytime soon. That in itself is rather surprising, although both hackers didn’t do it for the money. A good sign, although $1,000 isn’t pocket change either.

This goes to show QR codes aren’t as secure as some people may have assumed. Even with partial information, it becomes possible to decode it and claim funds. A somewhat worrisome development, although it remains to be seen what the implications truly are. An interesting promotional stunt, to say the least. Then again, it won’t necessarily force people to take Bitcoin Cash more seriously all of a sudden.

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