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Haggling The Price After A Ransomware Infection Can Pay Off


Even though Bitcoin ransomware is still a very serious threat to computer users, the number of fees being paid is on the decline. A new report by F-Secure goes to show that, despite efforts by attackers to make the payment more convenient, consumers attempt o pay less or nothing at all. Are people smartening up, or are security researchers one step ahead of Internet criminals?

The Customer Experience After a Ransomware Infection

As odd as it may sound, a Bitcoin ransomware infection is subject to a customer experience. Dealing with these threats is tough, and a lot of individual consumers will panic when things go wrong. This is part of the reason why internet criminals make the payment process as straightforward as possible.

In most ransomware cases, a Bitcoin payment needs to be made before file access is restored. However, for most consumers – and businesses – buying Bitcoin can be a painstaking process. Most types of malware include specific notes guiding the user as to how they can purchase cryptocurrency and restore file access.

As the report goes to show, the most popular types of ransomware are not necessarily known for the best customer service. Moreover, it turns out the internet criminals are willing to negotiate a better price, as infected device owners can communicate with the criminals directly. Haggling may not seem to be a natural part of getting rid of a malware infection, but as it turns out, it can be worth your while.

One thing that has people often worried is the so-called deadline to make a payment. In most cases, if a payment is not made within x days or hours, the fee will increase in value once the timer expires. It is possible to receive a payment extension after contacting the group behind the ransomware infection.

All in all, it is apparent the price for a ransomware infection can differ from person to person. Those who proactively pursue a discount are often granted a reduction of the fee. Moreover, with more time to pay the amount of money, users can increase their odds for finding an alternative solution. Paying the ransomware fee might be the most convenient solution, but that does not mean there are no other options available.

In the end, taking ample precautions is always the best course of action. Making regular backups of important files is a must, and all software on the computer should be kept up-to-date at all times. Remaining vigilant when it comes to spam and phishing emails should be a top priority for every computer user in the world.

Source: F-Secure

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