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Harbor Custom Development Says “Yes” to Crypto Payments


If you’re looking to purchase your first house and you’ve got some crypto saved up, your portfolio could provide you with the down payment you’ll need thanks to a new property development company that’s saying “yes” to assets like BTC, ETH, and Doge. The company is Harbor Custom Development, Inc., and the company is opening its doors to crypto payments for real estate.

Harbor Custom Seems to Love Crypto

Based in Gig Harbor, Washington, Harbor Custom lists a wide array of properties that consumers can purchase. These properties range from residential homes, condominiums, apartments, developed lots, and assorted acreage. Beginning on January 24 of this year, the company says it will begin accepting crypto payments for its listed properties. Among the assets it plans to permit for transactions include bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Coin, Ripple’s XRP, Shiba Inu, Litecoin, Dai, Doge, and the Gemini Dollar.

Jeff Habersetzer – chief operating officer of Harbor Custom – said in an interview:

Acceptance of digital currencies for our real estate offerings is a logical step for Harbor and demonstrates our flexible business model that separates us from our industry peers.

At the time of writing, the company has offices in Washington, as well as California, Texas, and Florida, which is a state that has seen a lot of action occurring in the worlds of crypto and real estate. Not long ago, a luxury, beachfront condominium was sold for more than $22 million in crypto, marking the largest crypto-based real estate transaction to date.

The news is exciting for multiple reasons, a big one being that now crypto is truly being used for its primary purpose. Initially, crypto was built to take the place of fiat currencies, checks, and credit cards and serve as payment tools for everyday goods and services.

Sadly, however, this has been a relatively slow journey given that these assets are known for being extremely volatile and vulnerable to price changes. As a result, several companies and retailers have refused to accept them as methods of payment, which means many forms of crypto have remained in speculative modes.

Bringing Real Estate and Crypto Together

Harbor Custom is making its mark in the crypto world by bringing bitcoin and many other acceptable forms of crypto to new heights. By being able to use them as payment tools, customers are helping these assets to get one step closer to serving the purpose they were built for. Sterling Griffin – president and CEO of the firm – said in a statement:

By accepting digital currencies, Harbor not only opens the door to entities with combined market caps exceeding $1 trillion of purchasing power, but places Harbor in a first mover position of adoption… Our clear objective is to drive shareholder value while acting as the thought leader within our industry group.

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