The list of bitcoin based companies that are either shut down, acquired or relocated is constantly increasing. Harborly has become the latest company to enter the list after it announced its closure. Harborly was one of the upcoming bitcoin exchanges in North America which was branching out to other parts of the world before it decided to close.

The Texas based bitcoin exchange, Harborly has been around for about an year and it was offering its services in the United States and Canada. Founded by Connor Black and Gabriel Ferrin, Harborly claimed to offer attractive exchange rates will low transaction fees. The company also had an easy, user friendly process set up for bitcoin purchase. Harborly also had plans to expand to other countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America as well.

Apart from the existing exchange service, Harborly was in the process of starting a bitcoin remittance service, between the United States and India to become the first bitcoin company to do so. The blog post announcing Harborly’s decision to terminate its service also included a personal farewell message by the CEO, founder – Connor Black. He has mentioned that with Harborly being shut down, he will now be focusing on another side -project of his, which has the potential to get much bigger than his previous startup. There is no further information available about this latest project, but the probability of it being based on bitcoin and blockchain technology is high. In the same blog post, Connor has also mentioned that he is looking for interested parties who would like to acquire Harborly’s technology and staff.

The increasing adoption of bitcoin and the emergence of blockchain technology based applications has got many startups shifting their focus from bitcoin exchanges to Bitcoin 2.0 and the conventional bitcoin businesses are consolidating in the wake of the developments in bitcoin sector

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