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Homeros Is Set to Boost DeFi and Blockchain Mass Adoption by Onboarding New C-Level Executives


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Homeros’ Chairman — Mr. Peter Najarian, is welcoming new C-Level executives onto the team. The professionals are experts in their niche fields within the crypto space. To highlight, the newly-appointed CEO — Alex Richards, is proficient in most matters blockchain.

For instance, he will take precedence in matters such as acceleration, project management, and global marketing. His extensive knowledge in marketing will come in handy here. Under Alex’s steady hand, Homeros is looking forward to reaching an all-new set of milestones.

With these new executives, the project aims to elevate the large-scale enhancement and adoption of blockchain technology. This will thereby result in the expansion of the blockchain ecosystem. Alex is set to take Homeros through a range of new possibilities for establishing decentralized finance (DeFi) within the ecosystem.

Innovative DeFi Solutions For Blockchain

Homeros is bringing innovative blockchain-based solutions that will benefit the DApp developers’ community. It aims to resolve concerns that are currently plaguing the crypto space since the dawn of its time. To do so, Homeros will provide tremendous scalability, stronger security, true authenticity, and vast interoperability.

By building a user and developer-centric platform, Homeros is offering products that will only benefit decentralized assets and their applications. In extension, this will also elevate security and increase opportunities in monetizing assets for all stakeholders.

Homeros now comes with a greater version of the third-generation mainnet. Therefore, it is fully equipped to manage around 300,000 transaction-per-second (TPS). In detail, this is brought on by a grade A block generation system. To specify, Homeros is using Dual Delegated Proof of Stake (DDPOS) as its consensus protocol. This eliminates issues that come up during a conflict of interest, thus, reducing time lost when reaching a consensus.

Using the power of optimized and consistent DeFi infrastructure, users will access multiple DeFi opportunities. Moreover, the project’s utility coin — HMR, will allow users to gain access to services deployed on the Homeros mainnet. These will include services like yield rewards, In-DApp purchases, and DApp crowdfunding.

Now, let’s have a look at some of Homeros’ innovative product offerings and integral features:

Homeros DApp Marketplace

At the Homeros Marketplace, users can enjoy a secure and scalable platform. Here, is where players come together and take their pick from a wide array of enticing DApps. To add on, players can experience free-to-use DApps on Homeros, or even just choose to directly buy Premium DApps that have been critically acclaimed by the community. As a requirement, all DApps are set to be rated and reviewed by Homeros’ team as well as the HMR community.

On the matter of the Premium DApps, these can be developed via partnerships with DApp developers and supporters. Developers with an established reputation for premium DApps can choose to keep their DApps as premium or for free. There is a chance that users on Premium DApps may be less as it is a paid platform, although this also means that In-DApp features may be more impressive when compared to Free DApps.

Finally, users will be able to interact with one another on the DApps. For example, on Game DApps, users can loot items, earn experience, and trade with other in-game players. On the other hand with Business DApps, users can gain improvements on aspects like business intelligence, business analytics, etc. Lastly, on LifeStyle DApps, users will access multiple LifeStyle-related amenities.

DApp Expandability

Developers should gear up asHomeros is bringing brand new opportunities! For one, developers can create an expandable ecosystem using Homeros’ APIs, all for themselves right on the platform. This allows a vast area ready to be filled with creative content from all creators on the platform where users can be free and interact. Thanks to Homeros’ incredibly speedy and scalable protocol, this is now a possibility.

Here, when users interact on the platform via DApps, they experience a much richer and fulfilling service. Homeros brings a platform that is not limited to the functionality of a DApp whilst also providing deep context and relevant improvements.


Meanwhile, Homeros is also looking into new features within the realm of DeFi. Decentralized Finance has been a hot topic in the crypto space for over a year now. With the recent DeFi boom this year, it is showing more potential than ever. Homeros is looking to enable DeFi growth within the HMR community. This will lead to the expansion in the synergy of all DApps on the platform, especially for the future.

Ultimately, HMR holders can consider different DeFi products and notable DApp projects to use for amassing liquidity within the HMR community. This way, DeFi is bringing a whole new portal of opportunities to the HMR ecosystem.

Witness a Range of Opportunities to Monetize The Ecosystem

DApp Advertisers have the opportunity to partner from a variety of decentralized applications. Products can be displayed through local ads on a specific DApp. There is also the option to partner with Homeros directly once the platform’s adverting feature will be available. Due to Homeros’ vast audience and user-base, it offers maximum and titanic reach.

As for DApp-related businesses, they can lean on Homeros’ community to find freelance DApp developers or even take the step to strike a partnership with a promising DApp creator. Businesses can even work on negotiations when it comes to DApp concepts to elevate mutual benefits. In fact, they could even become partner sponsors for exclusive events held on DApps.

Head to the Homeros website to learn more about using the platform to your greatest benefit!


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