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Horizon Communications Launches Pre-ICO with 60% Bonus


Horizon Communications, the Bermuda based telecom company has announced the launch of its pre-ICO sales 24 hours ago. The company is providing state-of-the-art internet services that heavily incorporate the blockchain technology. They plan to raise $50 million from an initial coin offering. The presale is an opportunity for investors to purchase the Horizon token, HRZN before the main sale.

Information available at the website http://horizoncomm.co says that a fraction of the tokens available for sale gives early buyers a massive 60% bonus. It is not clear how long the bonus would be available as this is meant to incentivize early birds though the website states that 3% of all available tokens for presale would attract the bonus within the first 24 hours.

The Horizon ICO is one of the well publicized in 2018 and is expected to easily reach the $50 million hard cap. The company is one of the few in the telecom industry that have shown interest in the blockchain technology and have gone ahead by employing the technology to raise funds. Interestingly, the ICO which was expected earlier in the year was moved to April because the founder, Gilbert Darrell wanted to ensure that investors get a pleasant experience during the sale. The new look website makes token purchase easy.

The Horizon token has proven attractive to investors because the company has backed it with a buy back clause. Holders of HRZN will be able to sell them back to the company in future at the then current price. Horizon, in its whitepaper said they plan to distribute 15% of annual profits to token holders. This makes the token peculiar and attractive may be the reason it has gained a lot of attention and traction among crypto investors.

Horizon will roll out next generation wireless technology that would provide internet services in the Caribbean and Central America. The company prides itself as the first ICO coming out of Bermuda and providing high tech services comparable to the best companies in ISP sector.

Gilbert Darrell, the president of Horizon said, “Our objective is to ensure that our services are globally competitive. We do this to guarantee that our investors and customers get value for the confidence they repose in us”

He encouraged crypto investors to go to the company’s ICO website https://www.horizoncomm.co to purchase HRZN.

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