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How a Young Man Named Liam Went Too Far to Earn Crypto


Liam Ghershony – a 25-year-old former crypto enthusiast – has completed a 125-day jail sentence after drugging his father so he could convert more than $400,000 worth of his BTC into Ethereum.

What Liam Did to Keep His Dad’s Crypto from Falling

Liam was involved in crypto investing with his dad, and together, they began an account that saw them earn more than $350,000 in digital currency profits after taxes. Things were going well, but Liam had a serious drug problem that saw him encountering several problems including daily blackouts and days of going missing.

After a while of using things like cocaine, Adderall, and benzodiazepines, Liam began to experience heightened paranoia. He began worrying about the descending price of bitcoin and was trying desperately to get his father to sell all their holdings and cash out before things got too rough. The father, in response, would tell his son to avoid drugs as they were likely affecting his mind.

The time came when Liam’s obsession took full control. One night, he and his father went out to dinner at a nearby restaurant after moving furniture into the father’s new loft apartment. From there, they returned home, where Liam fixed two mugs of what he told his father was a strong energy drink that would make him feel good after a long night. Giving his father the mug, he told him:

It’s really good for you.

The mug had been spiked with a white powder that was a concoction of benzodiazepines. Liam was aware that the drugs would cause his father to fall asleep, and after this occurred, he put an Apple watch on his dad’s wrist so he could monitor his heartbeat. While his father slept, Liam snuck into a bitcoin account that contained $400,000 in the digital currency. He then converted most of it to Ethereum and placed it all in an account he could control.

In a note he left his father, Liam explained:

It didn’t have to be like this! I’m going to give you the best retirement.

After several family members couldn’t get a hold of Liam’s father, they were eventually prompted to call the police, who found the man unresponsive on his floor. He was rushed to the hospital where he was treated over several days for organ failure and severe dehydration.

Trying to Move Forward

Liam later admitted to his mother – who had divorced his father when Liam was three – that he had drugged him. He served 125 days in jail and spent time in rehab to get off the drugs at his parents’ request, who convinced the court to offer a more lenient sentence granting Liam was willing to get treatment.

Liam says he has apologized to his father several times for what he’s done and is now eager to show him that he’s changed.


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