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How Blockchain Can Help Telecom Companies Kick-start a Revolution?


Exploration of Blockchain technology has gone too far beyond the financial industry. Today a lot of companies across the industry segment are embracing the potential of this innovation to rationalize complex transactions and processes, making them cheaper, faster and more transparent. The telecommunication industry is no exception and the telecom companies are now looking into how Blockchain can revolutionize their businesses. Encryptotel is one such solution.

The Background

We live in an amazing time of booming development of decentralized technologies, and we see a vast number of startups adhering to the concept of decentralization in various spheres of life and business.

However, perhaps the most important thing is that blockchain technology can be adopted and integrated into existing telecommunication services. We are already seeing interesting interpretations of technology directly aimed at communication, for example, social networks such as Steemit, Golos.io. The Blockchain can bring another revolution in the development of all types of telecommunications without exception, just as we are seeing now in the banking sector.

The Launch of EncrypoTel – The Blockchain-based Solution Revolutionizing Telecom Businesses

Against the backdrop of numerous start-ups, the concept presented by Encrypto Telecom LP stands out, their announced solution is a cloud-based telephone platform for business and private users called EncryptoTel, the product itself can potentially cover everything related to communications in the present digital era. This can have a positive impact on the entire industry and be the starting point for new technologies that we can now observe. Special attention should be paid to the combination of blockchain and encryption methods, which is made possible by this technology. By the end of this year, we will be able to test the product and appreciate the work done.

Roman Nekrasov, the CEO and Founder at EncryptoTel says,

“Nowadays Blockchain technology is being explored in a number of industries, it is right about the time for the telecom industry to take a closer look at it. We are planning to integrate this technology at least for enabling verification of outgoing calls, along with ensuring the integrity of the whole network. Besides, we are working on the cryptographic protocol deploying Blockchain technology, which is our killer feature.”

Redefining the Idea of Intermediaries in Telecom Industry

Telecom providers are connecting people and things to each other. Therefore, essentially, they are sort of intermediaries, who need to manage databases, back-office systems, and purchase third parties’ services. Blockchain allows rethinking the roles of intermediaries in the telecom industry.

The attention of the telecom businesses nowadays is directed towards keeping maintenance costs low while exploring new services. The market is growing at an incredible speed and traditional players are forced to look for ways to improve the quality of existing services, offering innovative approaches and tools.

The Future is Blockchain in Telecom Industry

A report by Deloitte Germany states that the telecom industry will see an enormous impact of Blockchain in upcoming years. Precisely offering innovative solutions for fraud management, Identity-as-a-Service and data management, enablement of 5G and building secure IoT connectivity.

EncryptoTel is a complex telecommunication system which can be deployed in both simple as well as complicated scenarios. The platform is in the process of setting up an extensive network targeting businesses and corporates while keeping the needs of individuals and private customers in mind as well.

To know more about the platform and know how it is revolutionizing the telecom industry, please visit https://encryptotel.com/



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