When DOGE was announced, the entire ‘cryptoverse’ thought it was a parody coin. But seven years on, Dogecoin has become a top contender in stock investments.

So what is Dogecoin, and why is the currency making massive waves online?

DOGE or Dogecoin is a crypto that came into existence in honor of a ‘doge’ meme of the same name. Yes, you read it right. The creators introduced DOGE as an internet-friendly cryptocurrency without any fees.

Are you fascinated with this unique crypto? Find out more about Dogecoin and why it is a worthy investment.

Why should you buy DOGE cryptocurrency?

For starters, DOGE follows the same framework as other cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH. But the key differentiator is Dogecoin’s user-friendliness.

Moreover, dodge coin became popular after helping the Jamaican 2014 Winter Olympics team through donations. This highlighted the company’s humanitarian appeal and its dedication to good deeds.

DOGE coin

Following endorsements from Elon Musk and Snoop Dogg, the Dogecoin stock price went up 400% from the original price. Billionaire investor, Mark Cuban, has also invested some money in DOGE.

So, if you are still looking for a reason to buy DOGE crypto, the high-profile endorsements should motivate you.

Apart from celebrity endorsements, experts have expressed some faith in the future of Dogecoin as a short-term investment. At the moment, the market value of DOGE is around 804% of its actual worth.

And most importantly, Dogecoin is unlimited, in contrast to Bitcoin.

However, you should exercise caution when buying or selling your Dogecoin assets. Monitor any trusted online Dogecoin chart to keep in touch with recent developments and real-time market value.

Where can you buy a DOGE coin?

Whether you are a newcomer to the crypto space or you want to try a new currency, DOGE is a viable option. Dogecoin is not regulated by any international financial laws. You can conduct transactions without worrying about limitations and bans.

You can buy DOGE coins from various independent outlets. Let’s check them out and discuss the purchasing process.

Cryptocurrency exchangers

Crypto exchanges are platforms that assist individual investors in converting their fiat or crypto assets. To use these exchanges, establish a Dogecoin wallet. This wallet, and its contents, can be downloaded to your devices for safekeeping.

Alternatively, you can complete these transactions on other cryptocurrency platforms. If you don’t trust your device’s security, transfer your crypto assets to a digital wallet.

On Reddit forums

Reddit crypto communities always have the best information about crypto investments. Besides, the platform is open to traders across the world. So, Reddit is a centralized pool for information regarding DOGE trading.

But to be on the safe side, don’t send your crypto assets to strangers without any mediator or collateral.


Terminal service providers now include Dogecoin in their crypto list, following its rise in popularity. People living in the USA can walk up to any CoinFlip ATM and buy DOGE.

Similarly, Bitpay now allows the purchase and sales of DOGE. If these services are not available in your country, check out other online merchant service providers like JIDEX.


Investing in DOGE coin sounds like a great idea. Don’t take our word for it. Look at billionaires like Mark Cuban investing fortunes in DOGE. Hurry now and start investing in this fun cryptocurrency.



About the Author:  Valentin Dex works in digital marketing, developing an information section on a popular blog about cryptocurrencies.  He is interested in cryptocurrency news and financial markets. Valentin enjoys jogging and nature walks, which allows him to maintain a balance between work and family. 


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