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How HeroPay Helps Small Businesses Accept Crypto Payments More Securely


For small businesses looking to leverage cryptocurrency for practical benefits, platforms like HeroPay provide a straightforward, secure, and cost-effective solution to accept crypto payments. With global reach, flexible settlement options, and robust security measures, HeroPay enables small businesses to engage with a growing customer base and manage their finances effectively.

Enhanced Security and Cost Efficiency

HeroPay offers a secure platform for small businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments. By leveraging blockchain technology and decentralization, crypto payments provide strong protection against hacking and fraud. Furthermore, HeroPay’s low transaction fee of 1% is especially less than traditional credit card processing fees, which range from 2% to 4%. This reduction in fees can greatly benefit small businesses, particularly those with high transaction volumes.

For instance, 23% of merchants have already adopted crypto-native wallets according to a Pymnts.com survey. By accepting crypto payments, small businesses can tap into a customer base that is increasingly composed of tech-savvy individuals. A CNBC report indicates that the average age of crypto investors is 38 years, suggesting that this demographic actively seeks out businesses that offer cryptocurrency as a payment option.

Flexible Settlement Options and Extensive Wallet Support

HeroPay supports over 90 wallets, which allows businesses to accept crypto payments across multiple platforms. Funds can be settled in bank accounts across 38 countries, in currencies such as US Dollars, Euros, and GBP. This ensures stability and reduces financial risk. Flexible settlement options are available, allowing businesses to choose between receiving funds in fiat, crypto, or a combination of both. This adaptability simplifies financial planning and liquidity management.

Additionally, HeroPay offers seamless integration, making it possible to accept crypto payments on websites, via email, or on mobile phones. This flexibility ensures a smooth payment process regardless of the platform used by the business or its customers. The global reach of HeroPay further extends to 229 countries and territories, expanding the customer base immensely.

Ease of Use and Transparent Processes

HeroPay ensures ease of use through simple invoicing and a secure payment process. Customers receive an invoice that details what they are paying for, ensuring transparency. Payments are made at a fixed exchange rate, which mitigates concerns about fluctuating crypto prices. After the payment is made, HeroPay converts the funds to the business’s preferred currency, handling the complexity of crypto markets.

This feature of HeroPay eliminates the need for businesses to directly manage cryptocurrencies themselves. The final step involves sending the funds to the business’s bank account on-demand, providing control over when they receive their funds. This ensures that businesses maintain control over their liquidity and financial planning.

Real-World Applications and Emerging Trends

An example of successful implementation is Burger Bear, a London-based restaurant that started accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum in 2021. This move helped them attract younger customers and reduce transaction fees, leading to an increase in crypto-based transactions. This demonstrates the practical benefits for small businesses in adopting crypto payments.

Stablecoins, pegged to real-world assets like the US dollar, are gaining traction. In 2024, it is estimated that 70% of crypto transactions will involve stablecoins due to their stability and ease of use. For small businesses, this trend offers a way to mitigate the volatility associated with other cryptocurrencies.

A Forrester Consulting report from 2022 asserts that businesses accepting crypto payments experience increased customer spending and engagement. The study also highlights that accepting crypto payments can help businesses access new markets, particularly in areas with limited traditional banking services.

Books and resources such as “The Bitcoin Standard” by Saifedean Ammous and “Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investor’s Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond” by Chris Burniske and Jack Tatar can provide further insights into the economic and social implications of Bitcoin and strategies for navigating the crypto landscape.

Accurate information counters myths that crypto payments are primarily used for illicit activities. Research shows most crypto transactions are legitimate and used for everyday purchases. Mainstream businesses like Microsoft, AT&T, and Whole Foods now accept crypto payments, further validating this payment method.


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